Hiram College

Heritage Society – 10 to 14 Years of Consecutive Giving

Prof Liliane F Akers
Mrs Marilyn J Alger
Lawrence and Mary Becker
Eleanor and Frank Berry
Mr Randall W Betz
Jean and J Robert Booth
Bruce and Victoria Bustard
Dr James R Case
Mrs Kathryn Christopherson
Charles and Patricia Conant
Mrs Mildred Cornicelli
Elaine and Edward DeVennish
Mr Michael A Dively
James and Bridget Dixon
Dr and Mrs Paul DuBois
Ms Kincaid B Early
Lenora and J Kenneth Elbaum
Martha and Hugh Ellsworth
David and Eileen Everett
Mrs Louise Factor
Ms Kathryn M Fendya
Donald Fleming and Janet Pope
Alan and Karen Florjancic
Mrs Phyllis J Francis
Ed and Libby Frato-Sweeney
Rudolph and Jenifer Garfield
Mr Gerald B Graham
James Graham and David Dusek
Dr Paul Gregor and Dr Barbara Divine
Leland and Nancy Haas
Charles and Sandra Hahn
Donald and Mary Heidt
Mrs Nancy M Hillyard
Mr Richard A Horton
John and Lillian Hurst
Arthur and Judith Keller
Ms Linda K Klapp
Ms Kay McGowan Kritzer
Steven and Diana Lee
Wendy and Rick Lichtenwalter
Mrs Carolyn C Long
Victoria Louis-Shilling and David Shilling
Mr John S Manners
Stephen Matthews and Sheila Whetzel
Melinda and John McIlroy
Heather and James Meeker
Mrs Ruth V Milanick
C Frederick and Patti Morisse
Mr Jerry A Munson
Cynthia Peck and William Johnston
Ms Sandra L Piepho
Dr Constance L Pritchard
Mr John S Pyle Esq
Peter and Edith Rich
Douglas and Lillian Ryan
Mr John R Sawyer
Mrs Kathleen Sejba
Janis and James Shelton
Mrs Evelyn Fey Slater
Cynthia Smith and Gregory Petrick
Larry Sutton and Patricia Hollister-Sutton
Sharyl and Larry Swanson
Alice and Richard Sweeney
Mrs Nancy L Swenson
David and Cindy Swope
Kevin and Bonnie Sypolt
Ms Ruth V Thompson
Dawn-Marie Trehan and Gary Griffith
Linda Spear and Jeffery Wanser
Ms Karen S Wax