Hiram College
Heritage Society – 10 to 14 Years of Consecutive Giving
Robert Abdalian and Sue Ellen (Lewis) Abdalian ’71/–
Patricia Abdenour ’80
Harry Adams and Sally Adams ’57/–
Sandra Alger
David Allen and Kathleen (Konchan) Allen ’62/’64
Mae (Stinchcomb) Allen ’49
Dennis Arbour and Carol Arbour
Frances (Funaro) Ardito and James Ardito ’64/–
Sandra Ashmun-Gabel and Barry Gabel ’71/–
P. Thomas Bacher and Madeleine Bacher ’78/–
L. Faye (Brininger) Baker ’64
Cynthia Barclay and Robert Barclay ’86/–
Deborah Barnet ’73
Shirley Bartin
Juanita (Etling) Basey ’61
Robert S. Bates and M. Sue Bates ’50/–
Marilyn (Thompson) Bauer and Roger Bauer ’69/–
Virginia Bean and Ronald Daley ’74/–
James Bekeny and Nancy Bekeny ’73/–
Crevolyn (McDevitt) Bell and Stuart Bell ’67/–
Robert Benedict and Susan Benedict  ’71/–
David Bishoff and Ann Bishoff
Mary Kay (Miller) Blair and Dennis Blair ’74/–
Evelyn (Robinson) Boeson and A. Richard Boeson ’67/–
Sally (Prickitt) Boggeman ’70
Paul Bosley and Jeanne Bosley ’71/–
A. Houston Bowers and Mary Bowers
Betty (Chambers) Boydstun and Richard Boydstun ’58/–
Corey Boyer ’03
Barbara (Boso) Bragiel and John Bragiel ’91/–
Arthur Brenneke and Renate (Metcalf) Brenneke ’71/’71
Richard Brockett and Mary Ann Brockett
Thomas Broderick and Linda (Ryan) Broderick ’75/’76
Richard Bruce and Beth (Chubbs) Bruce ’65/–
Bruce Burkey and Marilyn Burkey ’61/–
Grace (Lamb) Butcher ’66
Loren Byrne and Kim Seymour ’00/–
Kenneth Cain ’79
Amy Cantini ’72
Charles Darsie and Sandra Cook ’62/–
Frank Cimino and Susan (Benton) Cimino ’69/’69
Thomas Clarke ’64
Rodger Cliff ’58
Jeffrey Cochran  ’81
Marilyn Cover and David Knofler ’75/–
Mr Douglas A Crandall
David Crane and Donna Crane
Frederick Crouter and Louise (Patterson) Crouter ’54/’52
Barbara (Eaken) Cymanski and John Cymanski ’87/–
David Dain and Judith (Monroe) Dain ’58/’59
John Davis and Kathryn (Blodgett) Davis ’69/’69
Kay Dawson ’76
Barbara (Heaven) DeJong and Trenton DeJong ’60/–
Viola Denham and Joseph Denham+
Kathleen (Young) DiLoreto and Stephen DiLoreto ’72/–
David Dix and Janet Dix
Janet (Miller) Donaldson ’58
Gregory Dooley and Kristina (Geiger) Dooley ’00/’00
Bryan Drost and Brittany Jackson ’05/’04
Jared Drummer and Megan Drummer ’08/–
The Estates of James and Isabelle Dunlap
Virginia Dunlap and Peter Oszaczky ’75/–
Chalmer Ernst ’58
Jeff Fauser and Camille Pavlicek-Fauser
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Gayle (Bansberg) Fiegenschuh ’68
Sue (Kingston) Florio and Charles Florio ’67/–
Will Folger and Mary Folger ’74/–
K. Gerald Foote and Mary (Olds) Foote ’58/’58
Jess Ford and Suon Ford ’70/–
Douglas Franley and Nancy (White) Franley ’68/’70
Ty Freyvogel and Kathy Freyvogel
Mary (Beard) Furillo and Michael+ Furillo ’60/–
C. Wallace Getty and Mildred (Humphries) Getty ’55/’55
Mary Goetz
Willard Gombert and Vivian Gombert ’56/–
Timothy Goslee and Lynne (Sanders) Goslee ’64/’65
Charles Graham and Debra Wallace
Lemuel Green and Joan (May) Green ’64/’64
Michael Greenwood and Susan Greenwood
Janice Gresko ’93
Jerry Griffin ’61
Lethia Grimes ’95
Emily (Miller) Gronberg ’73
Ankur Gupta and Rakhi Gupta ’02/–
Donna Gyor ’57
David Hagen and Karen Wayenberg ’67/–
Prudence Hall and Richard Hall
Janice Hargate ’57
James Higginbotham and Carolyn (Roderick) Higginbotham ’80/’80
Cynthia Hoeh and Paul Stancioff ’79/–
Robert Horton and Mary Ann Horton ’63/–
Joel Howle and Mary Howle ’92/–
Marcia (Rohrbach) Imsande and John Imsande ’60/–
Carol (Bleecher) Isaak ’68
Victoria Jackson
Linda (Price) Jardini ’60
Richard W. Jones and Diane A. Jones ’72/–
Kent Jordan and Laurel Jordan ’67/–
Charles Kauffman and Nancy Kauffman ’64/–
Martin Kaverman and Ann Kaverman ’88/–
Ronald Kilpatrick and Rosemary (Crea) Kilpatrick ’64/’64
Sarah Kindleberger ’69
George Kletecka and Marylane Kletecka ’61/–
Linda (Hickman) Knable and Dale Knable ’71/–
Karin Knutsen and Kenneth Anderson ’65/–
Allan Kolesar ’86
Nathaniel Koven ’06
John Lauder and Susan Lauder ’68/–
James Lavery and Linda Lavery ’69/–
Joan (Sparling) Lebkuchner and Benno Lebkuchner ’69/–
Wilda Rainsburg-Leek and John Leek ’89/–
John Lendvay and Scott Nunes ’83/–
Rachel Lewis and Jim Bump ’59/–
Judith (Bonderia) Lilley and Douglas Lilley ’68/–
William Lineweaver ’61
Karl Livengood and Betsy Livengood ’61/–
Louis Livengood and Nancy Livengood ’62/–
Joseph Loffredo and Mary Ann Loffredo
Stephen Love and Jacquelyn Love ’09/–
James Lowell ’66
Brenda (White) Mahoney and Michael Mahoney ’73/–
Rosser Mainwaring and Christine Mainwaring ’74/–
Vivian Makosky and Donald Makosky
Sharon (Robins) Martin and Roy Martin ’65/–
Nancy Masi and Charles Masi ’84/–
Maureen (Early) Mattern and Perry Mattern ’71/–
Candace (Marshall) McClintock ’63
Kevin McMahon and Kristen (Rossman) McMahon ’74/’74
Steven McMurray ’04
Donald McPherson and Sandra McPherson ’54/–
Andrew Meinhold and Allison Meinhold ’72/–
George Melnykovich and Caroline (Thomas) Melnykovich ’65/’66
Katherine Millard and Paul Churchill ’70/–
Jay Miller and Valery Miller ’57/–
John Miller and Lida Miller ’66/–
Judith (Hollenbank) Miller and Eugene Miller ’58/–
Paul Milz ’72
Paul Molnar ’87
Nicole Monachino ’00
Donna Moore ’75
Kenneth Motz and Teresa Motz ’73/–
Jack Mumma and Judith (Moon) Mumma ’62/’62
Peter Namen and Andrea Namen ’81/–
K. Patrick Neill and Sarah Neill ’68/–
Sara Lee (Bacon) Neill ’65
Linda (Aust) Niece and Don Niece ’74/–
Donald Nunnelly and Lillian Nunnelly ’51/–
Kenneth Oblak and Kathleen Oblak ’68/–
Wesley Ogata and Sharon Ogata ’71/–
Kimberley (Patton) O’Leary and Brian O’Leary ’83/–
Stephen Osborn and Faith Osborn
Drs. Luis and Jane Oyarzun
Nicole Pagano-Percy and Michael Percy ’91/–
J. William Palmer and Suzanne Palmer ’65/–
Bonnie Pearce ’91
Tamara (Brady) Pendleton and Alexander Pendleton ’69/– and the Pendleton Foundation, Inc.
Donna Perzeski ’06
Louis Pongracz and Carol Pongracz
Katharine Rahe and Roderic Rahe ’75/–
Sharon Raphael and Mina Meyer+ ’63/–
Thomas Rawdon and Joan Rawdon ’62/–
Linda Rechlin ’88
Brent Rice and Sharon Rice ’93/–
Robert Robertson and Melanie (Diekmann) Robertson ’66/’66
M Jo Rochelle
Charles Rodgers and Cheryl Rodgers ’66/–
John Rosenman and Jane (Palmer) Rosenman ’63/’64
Ann (Lincke) Saltsman ’61
John Schalow and Reny Mashoori ’73/–
Christopher Schmitt and Melissa Schmitt ’04/–
Steven Schmitt and Judy Schmitt
Joseph Scordalakes and Deborah Scordalakes ’68/–
Carol (Wolfe) Setny ’60
James Shaffer and Elaine Felsen ’62/–
Terrence+ and Cristina Sheridan ’83/–
William Sherman and Diane (Seesdorf) Sherman ’79/’79
Barbara Shipley ’04 and The Walter V. and Judith L. Shipley Family Foundation
Dipendra Shrestha and Emily (Merkel) Shrestha ’03/’03
Eileen (Tubaugh) Simpson ’51
Constance Skingel ’07
James Slotta and Oliveann (Davis) Slotta ’63/’63
Stephen Smith and Susan Smith ’69/–
William Smith and Rebecca (Muller) Smith ’66/’68
Christina (McCrory) Smithhisler and Peter Smithhisler ’88/–
Donald Soltis and Jill Soltis ’66/–
Joanne Speidel ’57
Nadine Stafford ’74
William Stephenson and Anita Stephenson ’72/–
Sara Strattan and Thomas Burns ’72/–
Ellen (Beam) Sutliff and Paul Bogardus ’64/ —
Lynn Taylor
Frederick Thompson and Diane (Opdkye) Thompson ’65/’66
Catherine (Martoff) Timko and Martin Timko ’91/–
Jeannine Tonetti ’65
Gretchen (Doerschug) Tucker and Ford Tucker ’65/–
James Turbett ’82
Lauriel (Fletcher) Turner and George Turner ’72/–
Robert Turner and Christy (Foreman) Turner ’72/’75
Anne (Najeway) Vainer ’80
Mary (Zelenak) Van de Graaff and William Van de Graaff ’79/–
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
Kenneth Voytek and Lorrie Voytek
Robert Walker ’66
Shirley Selanders Wall and Gary Wall ’63/–
Ellen Ward and Jeff Ward ’03/–
Michele Warholic ’80
Frederick Warmbrodt and AnneMarie Warmbrodt ’74/–
Detra West
Heather Whitehouse
Joshua Wiener and Tabitha Doescher ’73/–
Sherry Williams Bortnick ’71
Marshall and Marjorie (Foley) Winkle ’57/’58
James Zimmer and Coral Zimmer