Hiram College
Heritage Society – 10 to 14 Years of Consecutive Giving
Robert Abdalian and Sue Ellen (Lewis) Abdalian ’71/–
Harry Adams and Sally Adams ’57/–
Sandra Alger 
Frances (Funaro) Ardito and James Ardito ’64/–
Sandra Ashmun-Gabel and Barry Gabel ’71/–
L. Faye (Brininger) Baker ’64
Deborah Barnet ’73
Juanita (Etling) Basey ’61
James Bekeny and Nancy Bekeny ’73/–
Crevolyn (McDevitt) Bell and Stuart Bell ’67/–
David Bishoff and Ann Bishoff
Mary Kay (Miller) Blair and Dennis Blair ’74/–
Evelyn (Robinson) Boeson and A. Richard Boeson ’67/–
Sally (Prickitt) Boggeman ’70
Paul Bosley and Jeanne Bosley ’71/–
Larry and Alison (Copius) Bouts ’71/’71 and The Bouts Scholarship Foundation
A. Houston Bowers and Mary Bowers
Judith (Wight) Bowker and Michael Bowker ’65/–
Betty (Chambers) Boydstun and Richard Boydstun ’58/–
Corey Boyer ’03
Timothy Boyer and Heather Boyer ’89/–
Barbara (Boso) Bragiel and John Bragiel ’91/–
Richard Brockett and Mary Ann Brockett
Thomas Broderick and Linda (Ryan) Broderick ’75/’76
Everett Burgess and Michele Burgess
Bruce Burkey and Marilyn Burkey ’61/–
Grace (Lamb) Butcher ’66
Loren Byrne and Kim Seymour ’00/–
Amy Cantini ’72
Tria Charnas ’10
Charles Darsie and Sandra Cook ’62/–
Rodger Cliff ’58
Kenneth Cline ’80
Jeffrey Cochran  ’81
Marilyn Cover and David Knofler ’75/–
Mr Douglas A Crandall
David Crane and Donna Crane
Bradley Cromes and Lindsey (Wilson) Cromes ’06/’07
Frederick Crouter and Louise (Patterson) Crouter ’54/’52
Robert Cruden and Diana Gannett ’58/–
David Dain and Judith (Monroe) Dain ’58/’59
John C. Davis and Minh-Tam Davis ’66/–
Barbara (Heaven) DeJong and Trenton DeJong ’60/–
Christopher Delisio and Stephani Delisio ’91/–
Viola Denham and Joseph Denham+
David Dix and Janet Dix
Janet (Miller) Donaldson ’58
Jared Drummer and Megan Drummer ’08/–
The Estates of James and Isabelle Dunlap
Virginia Dunlap and Peter Oszaczky ’75/–
Chalmer Ernst ’58
Jeff Fauser and Camille Pavlicek-Fauser
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Patricia Fisher ’86
George Fiske ’69
Sue (Kingston) Florio and Charles Florio ’67/–
Will Folger and Mary Folger ’74/–
K. Gerald Foote and Mary (Olds) Foote ’58/’58
Jess Ford and Suon Ford ’70/–
Douglas Franley and Nancy (White) Franley ’68/’70
Ty Freyvogel and Kathy Freyvogel
Mary (Beard) Furillo and Michael+ Furillo ’60/–
Michael Newkirk and Olivia Garfield
C. Wallace Getty and Mildred (Humphries) Getty ’55/’55
Martha (Gray) Gienke ’60
Mary Goetz
Willard Gombert and Vivian Gombert ’56/–
Timothy Goslee and Lynne (Sanders) Goslee ’64/’65
Charles Graham and Debra Wallace
Lemuel Green and Joan (May) Green ’64/’64
Jerry Griffin ’61
Lethia Grimes ’95
Donna Gyor ’57
Prudence Hall and Richard Hall
Robert Hamilton and Kyoko Hamilton ’64
C. Thomas Harvie and Iris A. Harvie
Julie Olds and Thomas Hellie ’83/–
James Higginbotham and Carolyn (Roderick) Higginbotham ’80/’80
Cynthia Hoeh and Paul Stancioff ’79/–
Robert Horton and Mary Ann Horton ’63/–
Louise Howells and James Ogilvy ’71/–
Joel Howle and Mary Howle ’92/–
Marcia (Rohrbach) Imsande ’60
Brittany Jackson ’04
Richard W. Jones and Diane A. Jones ’72/–
Kent Jordan and Laurel Jordan ’67/–
Allen Kannapell and Barbara Kannapell
Charles Kauffman and Nancy Kauffman ’64/–
Martin Kaverman and Ann Kaverman ’88/–
Ronald Kilpatrick and Rosemary (Crea) Kilpatrick ’64/’64
Sarah Kindleberger ’69
Linda (Hickman) Knable and Dale Knable ’71/–
Karin Knutsen and Kenneth Anderson ’65/–
Joan (Sparling) Lebkuchner and Benno Lebkuchner ’69/–
Elizabeth (Kinney) Lee and David Lee ’71/–
John Lendvay and Scott Nunes ’83/–
Judith (Bonderia) Lilley and Douglas Lilley ’68/–
William Lineweaver ’61
Karl Livengood and Betsy Livengood ’61/–
Joseph Loffredo and Mary Ann Loffredo
Stephen Love and Jacquelyn Love ’09/–
Brenda (White) Mahoney and Michael Mahoney ’73/–
Nancy Masi and Charles Masi ’84/–
Maureen (Early) Mattern and Perry Mattern ’71/–
Averil (Evans) McClelland ’57
Candace (Marshall) McClintock ’63
Kevin McMahon and Kristen (Rossman) McMahon ’74/’74
Andrew Meinhold and Allison Meinhold ’72/–
George Melnykovich and Caroline (Thomas) Melnykovich ’65/’66
Jay Miller and Valery Miller ’57/–
Paul Milz ’72
Paul Molnar ’87
Donna Moore ’75
Courtni (James) Moorman and Scott Moorman ’98/–
Peter Namen and Andrea Namen ’81/–
K. Patrick Neill and Sarah Neill ’68/–
Sara Lee (Bacon) Neill ’65
Linda (Aust) Niece and Don Niece ’74/–
Kenneth Oblak and Kathleen Oblak ’68/–
Wesley Ogata and Sharon Ogata ’71/–
Nicole Pagano-Percy and Michael Percy ’91/–
Bonnie Pearce ’91
Michael Pence and Ulises Marin ’91/–
Tamara (Brady) Pendleton and Alexander Pendleton ’69/– and the Pendleton Foundation, Inc.
Louis Pongracz and Carol Pongracz
Katharine Rahe and Roderic Rahe ’75/–
Linda Rechlin ’88
Brent Rice and Sharon Rice ’93/–
Evelyn (Hunn) Rice ’54
Bette (Kittel) Rimsky and Gerald Rimsky ’68/–
David Rinear and Sheila Rinear ’66/–
M Jo Rochelle
Charles Rodgers and Cheryl Rodgers ’66/–
Christopher Schmitt and Melissa Schmitt ’04/–
Joseph Scordalakes and Deborah Scordalakes ’68/–
Carol (Wolfe) Setny ’60
James Shaffer and Elaine Felsen ’62/–
Patricia (Gibbs) Shanower ’50
William Sherman and Diane (Seesdorf) Sherman ’79/’79
Barbara Shipley ’04 and The Walter V. and Judith L. Shipley Family Foundation
Dipendra Shrestha and Emily (Merkel) Shrestha ’03/’03
Eileen (Tubaugh) Simpson ’51
Constance Skingel ’07
James Slotta and Oliveann (Davis) Slotta ’63/’63
Catherine Smerek and Edward Smerek ’84/–
Donald Soltis and Jill Soltis ’66/–
Tracy Spencer and Henry Davis ’78/–
Nadine Stafford ’74
William Stephenson and Anita Stephenson ’72/–
Richard Stofan and Nedra (Kingzett) Stofan ’54/’54
Christine Stonebraker-Martinez ’10
Connie Stopper
Ellen (Beam) Sutliff and Paul Bogardus ’64/ —
Lynn Taylor 
Frederick Thompson and Diane (Opdkye) Thompson ’65/’66
Catherine (Martoff) Timko and Martin Timko ’91/–
Gretchen (Doerschug) Tucker and Ford Tucker ’65/–
James Turbett ’82
Robert Turner and Christy (Foreman) Turner ’72/’75
Anne (Najeway) Vainer ’80
Mary (Zelenak) Van de Graaff and William Van de Graaff ’79/–
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
Kenneth Voytek and Lorrie Voytek
Shirley Selanders Wall and Gary Wall ’63/–
Ellen Ward and Jeff Ward ’03/–
Michele Warholic ’80
Frederick Warmbrodt and AnneMarie Warmbrodt ’74/–
C. Daniel Weber and Donna Weber ’61/–
Frederick Weimert and Judith Weimert ’68/–
Detra West
Steven White and Angela Rose White and the Rose Family Trust
Heather Whitehouse
Sherry Williams Bortnick ’71
Marshall and Marjorie (Foley) Winkle ’57/’58
James Zimmer and Coral Zimmer