Hiram College

Friends Giving (Non-Alumni)

William Aamoth and Sharon Aamoth
Gay Cull Addicott and Edward Addicott and the Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation
Liliane Akers
Sandra Alger
David A. Allen, Jr.
Jorge Allende and Megan Allende
Glenn Anderson, Sr.
Willie Mae Anderson
Katherine R. Andrico
Carl R. Apthorp, III
Dennis Arbour and Carol Arbour
Stephanie G. Armstrong
Larry A. Babics and Lisa M. Babics
Denise M. Ball and Samuel S. Ball
Anna R. Ballew
Deborah A. Barber
Tom Barber and Ling Barber
George R. Barry and Julianne T. Barry
Shirley Bartin
Dick Baznik and Donna Baznik
Lawrence Becker and Mary Becker
Louis Bertrand and Sharon Bertrand
Dorothy Bickley
David Bishoff and Ann Bishoff
Robert Bissell and Martha Bissell
Jim B. Bleikamp
Mark R. Blum and Beth Ann Blum
Thomas M. Bodle and Margaret A. Bodle
Ann L. Bogner and Ted R. Bogner
William Bouts and Erma Bouts
Joan Bowen and Richard Bowen
A. Houston Bowers and Mary Bowers
Steven Bowman and Carol Bowman
Carolyn Bradley
Patricia Brady
Thomas L. Brannan, III and Janet M. Brannan
Alan Brant and Nancy Brant and The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Catherine Braun
Arthur Bricker and Karen Bricker
Cheryl R. Brna and Craig D. Brna
Richard Brockett and Mary Ann Brockett
Robert Broeker and Lois Broeker
Della Brown
Doris J. Brown
Frank W. Brown and Monica L. Brown
Shawna L. M. Bryan and Douglas G. Bryan
Frances S. Buchholzer
Robert Buckner and Phyllis Buckner
Joe Bugara
Everett Burgess and Michele Burgess
Hugh Burtner
Patricia K. Byers
Randall Byham and Lois Byham
Anthony A. Caimi and Nina R. Caimi
Amielie M. Cajka and Philip J. Cajka
Michael Carney and Peggy Carney
Anne D. Carroll and James Allen Carroll
James Case
Janice Castellano and Louis Castellano
Mrs. Webb P. Chamberlain, Jr.
Thomas V. Chema
Cheryle J. Chiaramonte
The Estate of Mrs. Anne K. Christman
Denyse Click and Robert Click
Victor J. Cohn
Stanton L. Cole
Courtney R. Collins and Michael A. Collins
Edwin Colton
Anna E. Connelly Wilson
Helen Ann Conrad
Mildred Cornicelli
Samuel F. Cornicelli
John Costello and Cynthnia A. Costello
John Coulehan
David Crane and Donna Crane
James F. Creagan and Gwyn Creagan
Patricia Crumrine
Lawrence M. D’Amico, III and Cynthia G. D’Amico
Lawrence M. D’Amico, Sr. and Geraldine T. D’Amico
Sarah G. Davanzo
Charles Davis and Mary Ann Davis
Patrick Day and Jacqueline Day
Rebecca Deal
Roger D. Deal and Mary G. Deal
Natalie O. Dean
Jorge Delgado
Joseph Denham and Viola Denham
John R. Deobald
Joseph Dietrich
Mary T. Dietrich and Joseph J. Dietrich
Jeannette F. Dietz
Vincent and Nancy DiGirolamo and The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Robert Dillon and Diane Dillon
Suzanne S. Dills and Robert C. Dills
George A. Dimitriou and Maria N. Tranto
Michael Dively
David Dix and Janet Dix
James Dixon and Bridget Dixon
Todd Downer and Elizabeth Downer
Terry Dragan and Cindy Dragan
John Drasch, III and Catherine Drasch
Gorman Duffett
The Estates of James and Isabelle Dunlap
Lisa Durichko and Dana Durichko
Glenn R. Ebel
David G. Edmonds and Peggy R. Edmonds
Richard Ekman and Caroline Ekman
Raymond Ellis and Janet Ellis
Stephen Ellis and Jean Ellis
Charles W. Emans and Maxine W. Emans
Russell Emans and Deeann Emans
Louise Factor
Lynn M. Falletta
William Falsgraf and Janet Falsgraf
Jeff Fauser and Camille Pavlicek-Fauser
Edward Favre and Gladys Favre
Richard Fay and Patricia Fay
Michael W. Fedoryshyn and Susan S. Fedoryshyn
Judi Feniger
Ella L. Fields
Gerald Fields and Mary Ann Fields
Colleen E. Finn-Henze
Lucille Fiorelli
Howard G. Fleischmann and Barbara D. Fleischmann
James Fleming and Judith Fleming
Ruth Flickinger-Birskovich
George Foote+ and Arlene Foote
Paul Foster and Louise Foster
Anthony Foti and Mary Foti
David Fratus and Monica Fratus
John Fredland and Wendy Fredland
Richard Frenchie and Christie Frenchie
Ty Freyvogel and Kathy Freyvogel
Lynn M. Friedel and Kenneth R. Friedel
Sandra L. Fritsch and Thomas R. Fritsch
Paula Frohring and the Paul and Maxine Frohring Foundation, Inc.
R. Mark Fumich and Cynthia Fumich
Warren W. Furey and Nancy L. Furey
John Fust
Donald Gaffney and Diane Gaffney
Gayle Galan and Karl Reuther
Albert E. Galbraith and Marilyn J. Galbraith
Michael Newkirk and Olivia Garfield
Rudolph Garfield and Jenifer Garfield
Richard Garrett and Nancy Garrett
Katherine A. Gatch
George Gauthier
Barbara Geisman and Donald Geisman
John Geisman and Sharon Geisman
The Estate of Lew Genge
Martha J. Gilbert
Mary Goetz
Jo Goldman
James F. Gosser and Mary B. Gosser
Charles Graham and Debra Wallace
Gerald Graham
Michael Grajek
Susan Grajek
Michael Grandillo and Nancy Grandillo
Geofrey Greenleaf and Helen Greenleaf
R. Thomas Green, Jr. and Gretchen Green
David Greenwood and Nancy Greenwood
Michael Greenwood and Susan Greenwood
Paul Gregor and Barbara Divine
Donna C. Grimm
Brent Grover and Candy Grover
Royce Gruenler and Grace Gruenler
James Gustafson
Robin Harbage and Katherin Swanson-Harbage
John Hartzmark
C. Thomas Harvie and Iris A. Harvie
Stephen Hasbrouck and Carole Hasbrouck
William Hassler and Lucille Hassler
Douglas Hatfield, Jr. and Judith Hatfield
Michael J. Healy and Terry L. Healy
Peter Henderson and Shirley Henderson
Ms. KC Henry
Myrtis Herndon
Arlene Hilfer
Jennifer A. Hillmer and Bradley W. Stemen
Rudolf Hinderegger and Jeanne Hinderegger
Hoyt Robert Hoeffler and Janice Hoeffler
The Estate of Wilson Hoffman
Harland Horton and Jacqueline Horton
Eli E. Hostetler and Mary A. Hostetler
William Howard and Karen Howard
Virginia R Huntley
Deanna Hvizdak
Terrence A. Inda and Gail E. Inda
Ereck Jackson
Vernetta Jackson and Willie Jackson, Jr.
Victoria Jackson
Mrs. Joan Jagow+ and the Estate of Joan Jagow
John Januszko and Marilyn Januszko
Mary B. Jasany and John M. Jasany
Kimberly A. Jaster
Mary Johnson
Dorothy C Jones
Dorothy M. Jones
William M. Jones
William R. Joseph
Janice Justice
Scott Kahn and Janice Kahn
George Kalan and Patricia Kalan
Allen Kannapell and Barbara Kannapell
Nicholas Katzakis and Joan Glenn Katzakis
Harold Kehler and Mary Jane Kehler
Gene W. Kelley
Linda Kender
Peter Kenney and Lynn Kenney
Sheila R. Kerr and David L. Kerr
Richard Kessler and Johann L. Kessler
Susan Keyser
Timothy Kind and Marsha Kind
Michael Kleiman and Sally Klock
The Estate of Philip A Klein
Benjamin Knepper
Wallace Knight and Linda Knight
W. Rea Knight and Janet Knight
Edna Mae Koch and Erwin Koch
Pamela Koeth
Andrew Konick
Rita Koroluk
Nadine Koskinen
Thomas E. Koskinen and Jill E. Koskinen
Heidi M. Kovach and Douglas J. Kovach
Shirley Kovach
Terry Kovel
Kay Kritzer
Tahlman Krumm and Elizabeth Krumm
Robert Kubic and Rena Kubic
Larry Kulis and Elizabeth Kulis
Carl Lambein and Deborah Lambein
David S. Lathrop and Yvonne M. Gillette
Karen E. Launder and Randy A. Launder
Frances Layton
Joseph R. Leon and Carrie L Leon
Arthur R. Lepley and Dorothy Lepley
Donald Lepley
Paul Lepley and Marjorie Lepley
Larry D. Lewis
David B. Lingafelter and Wendy A. Lingafelter
Joseph Loffredo and Mary Ann Loffredo
Patrick H. Loney, III
Alan Loos and Rebecca Loos
Glenn M. Loos
Eugene A. Lowman and Janet D. Lowman
Jeannine Lozier
David T. Lubich and Pamela J. Lubich
Susan J. Lyons
Vivian Makosky
Pat Mallory
Joseph Malmisur and Olga Malmisur
Susan E. Malmisur and Joseph J. Malmisur
Richard P. Mang
Patricia Mason and Kevin Mason
Kenneth Matheny and Joan Matheny
Susan Ann Maughlin
Ron Mau
Charles McCrory and Laraine McCrory
Donna McDermott
Wayne McDevitt
Eileen McEvoy
Timothy McFadden and Mary Ellen McFadden
Jean McKenna+
Charles McManus and Linda McManus
Eileen B. McWhorter
Laurenda S. Messer and Jon B. Messer
Raymond A. Messina and Merrily R. Messina
Donna Metz
Eunice Michaels
Bruce R. Miller and Marie Miller
Richard V. Miller
Robert W. Miller
Tari A. Miller
Richard C. Minick and Laura L. Minick
Jonathan F. Moody and Jane Moody
Kirk Mooney
Karen K. Morgan
Michael J. Mormile and Rosalie V. Mormile
Diana F. Morse
Frank R. Muhl
David Munson and Laura Munson
Jerry Munson
Raymond M. Murphy
Anthony Negrelli
Betty Niccolls
Jeffrey Nisker
Raymond Jason and Linda Noelker
Morton R. November and Iris November
Roberta O’Keefe and Lloyd F. O’Keefe
G. Benjamin (President Emeritus) Oliver and Paula Oliver
Kristin C. Oliver
Lois J. O’Neil and Dennis J. O’Neil
Janet G. Ortman and Robert W. Ortman
Stephen Osborn and Faith Osborn
Edward Osman and Nancy Osman
Drs. Luis and Jane Oyarzun
Carla J. Pacileo and Tony Pacileo
Gary Palof and Janice Palof
Amey L. Park and Lloyd B. Park
Thomas Parsnick and Joan Parsnick
Violet M. Parsons
Andrew Pastva and Patricia Pastva
Ann Patella
Amanda S. Payne and Kevin M. Payne
William Johnston and Cynthia Peck
Ruth Peck
Harriet Perkins
Lee Anne Perrea and Michael D Perrea
Laura M Peskin
Richard Petrusky and Mary Ann Petrusky
Jennifer L. Pfeister
David A. Pifer
Dirk Piggott
Kim Polzner
Louis Pongracz and Carol Pongracz
Judith Porter and Stuart Porter
Michael Porter and Kimberly Porter
Richard Powers and Christine Powers
Michael P. Prendergast and Gloria J. Prendergast
Stanley M. Proctor and Lois S.+ Proctor
John Pustai and Leigh Ann Pustai
Gregory Raber and Martha Raber
Andrew Randall and Adrianna Randall
Howard Ratcliff and Sheila Ratcliff
Brian Ratner
Eric A. Ravitz and Kimberly A.  Ravitz
Linda Rea
Sue Ann Reed and William R. Reed
Diane Rehor
Marianne Rieske and Bill Rieske
Molly Rinehart
Marilyn Rochelle
Michael J. Rodriguez and Tracy Rodriguez
Joanne Rose and Jim Rose
Michael B. Rothstein and Susan Rothstein
Geraldine Rushin and James P. Rushin
Thomas Rusk and Patricia Rusk
Douglas Ryan and Lillian Ryan
Lonna L. Safko
Robert Sawyer+ and Joanne Sawyer
Andrew J. Saxon and Lisa M. Saxon
Ann F. Schellenger
Steven Schmitt and Judy Schmitt
Tonia Schreiner
Ronald W. Schuerger and Cynthia S. Schuerger
Barbara J. Schweitzer and Roy A. Schweitzer
Elizabeth Searle-White
Mary F. Shale Administrative Trust
Glenn Sharfman and Susan Sharfman
Thaddeus Shura and Carol Shura
L. David Sibley
James J. Siek, Sr. and Carol J. Siek
Elizabeth Siman
Ray and Eleanor Smiley and The Smiley Family Charitable Foundation
Timothy C. Smith and Carol Smith
James Somerville
Anne Soule
Shirley Soules and Jack Soules
George South
Marilane Spencer
Kathryn D. Spinner and John Spinner
Robert Spinner and Kathleen Spinner
David Squire and Kathy Squire
Travis Stadler
Douglas Starnes and Jennifer Starnes
Michael St. Clair and Frances St. Clair
Charles Stefanek
Jeanne D. Stephan
Thomas B. Stimson and Terri A. Stimson
Marie Strawbridge
Gerald J. Studnicha and Rosemary N. Studnicha
Arthur Stupay and Diane Stupay
Jon Surprise and Maxine Surprise
Jane R. Swinford and Edward M. Swinford
Sheldon Taft and Rebecca Taft
Sandy Teachout
Douglas H. Thompson and Robin C. Thompson
Richard Thompson and Rhonda Thompson
Judith K. Thornton
Robert Timko and Gloria Timko
W. Ralph Tolbert and Catherine Tolbert
Elizabeth Tomasko
Stephen A. Tope and Lana F. Tope
Karl Torma and Loretta Torma
Cheryl Torsney and Eric Hansmann
Dennis Toth and Shirley Toth
H. Clifton Treco and Debra Treco
Dr. and Mrs. Augustine Tuma
Denise J. Uitto
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
Dale Van Voorhis and Bonita Van Voorhis
Raymond E. Visneski
Kenneth Voytek and Lorrie Voytek
Marsha Wagstaff and Ed Wagstaff
Martha and Foster Walker, III
Bonnie Warren
Karl and Nancy Weihman
Gloria J. Wesolowski
Benjamin D. West and Amanda K. West
Bernadette West
Corrie C. West
Jack West and Janet West
Tyler Wheatcraft
Steven White and Angela Rose White and the Rose Family Trust
Heather Whitehouse
Richard Wilcox and Shyla Wilcox
Dianne Williams
Bonnie J. Wilson and Thomas J. Wilson
Charles Wilson and Mary Wilson
Justin M. Wisniewski
Leonard A. Wisniewski and Patricia J.  Wisniewski
Jim Wohlken and Gayle Wohlken
Cynthia A. Woodward
Christine L. Wright and Robert C. Wright
John and Sylvia Yankey
Janet Yasechko
David Yeager and Margaret Yeager
Doris J. Yeager and George M. Yeager
Davis Young and Karen Young
Edward Zak and Susan Zak
Steve Zakem
Henry J. Zawada and Marcia F. Zawada
John H. Zawada and Carol Zawada
Carl Zilla and Karen Zilla
James Zimmer and Coral Zimmer
Carolee A. Zuck
Rhonda V. Zwaag