Hiram College
Friends Giving (Non-Alumni)
Gay Cull Addicott and Edward Addicott and the Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation
Candis Ahren
Sandra Alger 
Jorge Allende and Megan Allende
Eleanor Andy
Shirley Bartin 
Jack Bergmann
David Bishoff and Ann Bishoff
William and Caroline Bissell
Gerald Boso and Judith Boso
A. Houston Bowers and Mary Bowers
Jane T Bradford
Nancy Brant and The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Ann Brennan and the Brennan Family Foundation
Craig Brenner
Everett Burgess and Michele Burgess
Jeffrey Burns
Stephen B Cage Jr and Mary Jane Cage
Jeffrey Caimi
Michael R. Canty
Andrea Caputo
Jean Chema
The Estate of Mrs. Anne K. Christman
Clearstead Advisors LLC
Robert Cline
Sterling L Cluff
Scott Cohoon
F David Coleman and Donna Patron-Coleman
Ms Abby T Cook
Thad Cooke
Avram Cooperman
Mildred Cornicelli
James Cox
David Crane and Donna Crane
James F. Creagan and Gwyn Creagan
Mark and Tana Crouse
Viola Denham and Joseph Denham+
Joseph Dietrich
The Estate of Jeannette F. Dietz
Vincent and Nancy DiGirolamo and The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Debora Dinkins
Michael Dively
David Dix and Janet Dix
James Dixon and Bridget Dixon
Edna Dozer
Mr Ryan Drake
The Estates of James and Isabelle Dunlap
Howard Eckert
David Evans and Joan Evans 
Betty Everett
Eileen Everett —
William Falsgraf
Jeff Fauser and Camille Pavlicek-Fauser
James Fleming and Judith Fleming
Richard C. Foote and Judy Foote
Paul Foster and Louise Foster
Paula Frohring and the Paul and Maxine Frohring Foundation, Inc.
Warren W. Furey and Nancy L. Furey
Brian E Gardner
Jenifer Garfield
Richard Garrett and Nancy Garrett
Richard and Lynn Giesen
Kathleen Gleason
Mary Goetz
Jo Goldman 
Charles Graham and Debra Wallace
Gerald Graham
Michael Grandillo and Nancy Grandillo
R. Thomas Green, Jr. and Gretchen Green
Joel Greenhouse and Pam Greenhouse
Michael Greenwood and Susan Greenwood
Paul Gregor and Barbara Divine
Robert D. Haak and Eleanor F. Beach
Terry Hamner
C. Thomas Harvie and Iris A. Harvie
Douglas Hatfield, Jr. and Judith Hatfield
William Hawkins II
Ted Hellmuth and Betsy Hellmuth
Peter Henderson and Shirley Henderson
Susan Hodge
Mary Hollenbach
Alice M Hull
Mrs Hope G Hungerford
Curtiss Isler and Judith Isler
Victoria Jackson
Sharon Jarvis
Mili Jeon
Betty Drees Johnson
Harold Johnson and Lisa Johnson
Angela K. Johnston
Janice Justice 
Allen Kannapell and Barbara Kannapell
Norman Kayser and Joan Kayser
Edward Kemp
Peter Kenney and Lynn Kenney
Susan Keyser 
Elmar Koeberer and Judith Koeberer
Martin Kohn and Marcia Silver
Victoria Kollar
Estate of Kenneth L Kolson
Rita Koroluk 
Erica Kosinski
Larry Kulis and Elizabeth+ Kulis
Ernest Kulp
Andrew Lang
Ken Lawton
Frances Layton
Joseph Loffredo and Mary Ann Loffredo
Jean W Ludlow
Steven Mastin and Rebecca Mastin
Marsha A Matson
Susan McGill-Andrews
Charles McManus and Linda McManus
Marilyn C Mears
Raymond A. Messina and Merrily R. Messina
Andrew Mezo
Joseph Miezin
Marlene Miller
Richard V. Miller
Ronald H Miller
M LaVerne Miner and William R Miner+ –/’45
Susan and Joseph Minor
Sayoko Moroi
Jerry Munson
James Newman and Nancy Donley
Robert Nicholson and Nona Nicholson
Daniel Noday
Donald and Lillian+ Nunnelly ’51/–
Mary Otto
Kathy Palker
Gary Palof and Janice Palof
Ann Patella 
Anthony J Payiavlas and Tina Payiavlas
Frederick Peace
William Johnston and Cynthia Peck
Louis Pongracz and Carol Pongracz
Michael Porter and Kimberly Porter
Gregory Raber and Martha Raber
Ernest Ramirez
Burleigh Randolph
Ruth Rauch
Susan Reddinger
Yolanda Reeves
Molly Rinehart
Julia S Robbins
Richard Roberts
M Jo Rochelle
Ellen Rorke
Angelina Rosales
George Rose and Jane  Preston Rose
Jeannette Rue
Thomas Rusk and Patricia Rusk
Mrs Florence Rusynyk
Douglas Ryan and Lillian Ryan
Susan M Ryan
James Salter and Mary Salter
Joanne Sawyer
Cynthia Schmidt
Mr Bruce Seibert
Tom and Sheryl Shrout
Alexander Sidorowicz and Ruth Sidorowicz 
Elizabeth Siman
Doris Smith
Estate of Marian K. Solleder
Suzanne Spear
Randy and Kathy Spencer
David Squire and Kathy Squire
Donna Stein
Jon Surprise and Maxine Surprise
Peter and Laura Swallow
Ben and Joanne Swenson
Sheldon Taft and Rebecca Taft
Lynn Taylor 
Joseph and Lisa Thibodeau
Douglas H. Thompson and Robin C. Thompson
Richard Thompson and Rhonda Thompson
Dale Van Voorhis and Bonita Van Voorhis
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
Joseph and Maria Vavpetic
Tyson Vines
Kenneth Voytek and Lorrie Voytek
Martha and Foster Walker, III
Robert Watson and Maggie Watson
Stephen Werner
Benjamin D. West and Amanda K. West
Heather Whitehouse
Richard Wilcox and Shyla Wilcox
Kim A Wilhjelm
David Wilkinson and Cheryl Wilkinson
Davis Young and Karen Young
Charles Zumkehr