Hiram College
Founder’s Society Partner ($3,000-$4,999 annually)
Bruce Burkey and Marilyn Burkey ’61/–
Bruce Bustard and Victoria (Lounsbury) Bustard ’76/’76
Michael R. Canty
Clearstead Advisors LLC
Franziska (Teuffel) Dacek and James Dacek ’74/–
The Estates of James and Isabelle Dunlap
Linda (Price) Jardini ’60
Jacqueline (Larsen) Krabill ’51
Donald and Lillian+ Nunnelly ’51/–
G. Benjamin Oliver (President Emeritus)
Tamara (Brady) Pendleton and Alexander Pendleton ’69/– and the Pendleton Foundation, Inc.
Janis (Piwkowski) Shelton and James Shelton ’72/–
Barbara Shipley ’04 and The Walter V. and Judith L. Shipley Family Foundation
Steven West and Pamela (Enos) West ’67/’67
Charles Marn and Kathleen Hawkins ’78/–
Ruth McCalla Edwards ’71
Thomas McKenna and Kelli (Roepke) McKenna ’78/’78
Kevin McMahon and Kristen (Rossman) McMahon ’74/’74
Nicole Monachino ’00
Michael Myers and Debbi Myers ’83/–
G. Benjamin (President Emeritus) Oliver and Paula Oliver
Denise Patterson ’91
Janis (Piwkowski) Shelton and James Shelton ’72/–
Stephen Smith and Susan Smith ’69/–
Cynthia Smith and Gregory Petrick ’78/–
J. Philip Smith and Susan (Cannon) Smith ’63/’64
Matthew Vana and Krystyl Vana ’08/–
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
Annie Williams ’62
Carol (Blanchard) Wolfe and David Wolfe ’70/–