Hiram College
Founder’s Society Member ($1,850-$4,999 annually)
Charmaine Kepes and Ugur Aker ’93/–
Jonathan Bell and Constance Colwell ’75/–
Kevin Bradley and JoEllen Minchak ’84/’82
Richard Brockett and Mary Ann Brockett
Michael Carlson ’70
Ms Abby T Cook
Roger Cooper and Doral Cooper ’70/–
Bradley Cromes and Lindsey (Wilson) Cromes ’06/’07
Robert Cruden and Diana Gannett ’58/–
Katherine E Demuesy
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Jess Ford and Suon Ford ’70/–
Terry Hartle and Susan Quantius ’73/–
Ted Hellmuth and Betsy Hellmuth
Jay Hershey ’63
J. Phillip Jones and Norma (Collins) Jones ’47/’49
Harold Kanarek and Norma Kanarek ’66/–
Allen Kannapell and Barbara Kannapell
Beverly Keefer ’67
Mary (Boice) Lancaster and Henry Lancaster+ ’59/–
John Lendvay and Scott Nunes ’83/–
Liwei Li and Kayla Li ’92/–
Wendy (Fox) Lichtenwalter and Rick Lichtenwalter+ ’72/–
Todd Little and Cynthia (Sauer) Little ’79/’80
Leesa Mann and Dwight Emerson ’68/–
Ruth McCalla Edwards ’71
Averil (Evans) McClelland ’57
Thomas McKenna and Kelli (Roepke) McKenna ’78/’78
Michael Myers and Debbi Myers ’83/–
Eileen (Anthony) Niemi and Edwin Niemi ’48/–
Jacqueline O’Neill ’64
Simon Pankove and Melissa Pankove ’79/–
Michael Read and Sarah (Cardinal) Read ’96/’98
Thomas Reuschling and Dorothy Reuschling ’64/–
Molly Rinehart
Henry Schellenger and Julie Schellenger ’80/–
Catherine Smerek and Edward Smerek ’84/–
J. Philip Smith and Susan (Cannon) Smith ’63/’64
Donald Soltis and Jill Soltis ’66/–
Philip Spagnuolo and Sara (Townley) Spagnuolo ’69/’69
Joe Stamm and Leslie Stamm ’68/–
Janis (Reed) Trachtman and Richard Trachtman ’69/–
Jane Upton ’72
Matthew Vana and Krystyl Vana ’08/–
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
John Vlad and Mary Alice (Roberts) Vlad ’56/’56
Mary Walser ’70
Carol (Blanchard) Wolfe and David Wolfe ’70/–
Fred Zacharias ’52
Katarzyna (Kruzel) Zarish and Jeff Zarish ’93/–