Hiram College

Faculty and Staff Giving

Charmaine Kepes and Ugur Aker ’93/–
Mark D. Anderson and Maureen A. Anderson
William R. Bart
David Benjamin and Ann Womer Benjamin
Douglas Brattebo and Shannon French
Virginia Buchanan
Michelle Chenchik
Thomas V. Chema
Kathryn Craig and Stephen Zabor
Daniel Dyer and Joyce Dyer ’66/–
Danielle J. Emans
David Everett and Eileen Everett
David Factor and Rosanne Factor ’73/–
Donald Fleming and Janet Pope
Ed and Libby Frato-Sweeney
Colleen Fried and Amy Lukes
David Gayle and Sandra Gayle
Brad Goodner and Asha Goodner
Robert D. Haak and Eleanor F. Beach
Prudence Hall and Richard Hall
Matthew Hils
Stephen W. Jones and Laura L Jones
Earl Kissell and Bonnie Kissell
Christine A. Kohls-Hunder
Martin Kohn and Marcia Silver
Barbara Kundus
Sarah E. Mabey
Michael Marcinko and Elizabeth Marcinko
John McCarty and Vi McCarty
Steven E. Merrill and Susan H. Merrill
Kay Molkentin
Craig Moser+ and Becky Moser
Acacia C. Parks
Kenneth Pike and Damaris Peters Pike
Andrea R. Preston
Pat and Nancy Roberts
George Rose and Jane  Preston Rose
Lonn R. Safko and Deborah L. Safko
Steven Schuller and Jennifer Schuller
Mary Selander
James F. Senary
Robin A. Shura
Connie Stopper
Brian and Dottie Summerlin
Lynn Taylor
Ellen Walker
Linda Spear and Jeffery Wanser ’05/–
Detra West