Hiram College
Eclectic Society Member ($1,000-$1,849 annually)
David Ambrose ’67
P. Thomas Bacher and Madeleine Bacher ’78/–
Roger Baker and Janet (Burt) Baker ’69/’69
James Bekeny and Nancy Bekeny ’73/–
Alice (Lane) Bell ’53
Ralph Burgess and Ruth (Huey) Burgess+ ’61/’62
The Estate of Mrs. Anne K. Christman
Carole (Racine) Conley ’58
Virginia (Dunipace) Cook ’53
Lisa (Prouty) Corwin and Gilbert Corwin ’88/–
Charles and Diana Curtiss ’74/–
Janet (Hyndman) Cushman and Robert Cushman ’70/–
The Estate of Cecelia Davies
Vincent and Nancy DiGirolamo and The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Estate of Dona Dise ’51
Michael Dively
Stephen Dlouhy and Francina (McWilton) Dlouhy ’74/’74
Clay (Yates) Dobrovolec ’69
Jenifer Garfield
Jayne (Hurst) Geneva and Louis Geneva ’67/–
Sharon Gmutza and Thomas Gmutza ’11/–
James Gold and Cheryl Gold+ ’66/–
Timothy Goslee and Lynne (Sanders) Goslee ’64/’65
Gerald Graham
R. Thomas Green, Jr. and Gretchen Green
Michael Greenwood and Susan Greenwood
Paul Gregor and Barbara Divine
Michael Grzesiak and Karen (Dougall) Grzesiak ’90/’92
Jimmie Hanes and Mary Hanes ’63/–
M. Reid Hankin and Bondie (Dix) Hankin ’70/’69
Janice Hargate ’57
Scott Hatfield and Lisa Schneider
John Havener and Lisa Schneider ’79/’80
Elisabeth Hesse ’05
Laetitia Hight ’13
Mary Hollenbach
Michael Houska and Brenda Houska ’82/–
Richard W. Jones and Diane A. Jones ’72/–
Robert Klinzing and Rozanne (Cole) Klinzing ’68/’68
Richard Kocan and Laura Bolles-Kocan ’63/–
Abbey Kos ’05
Laura (Salter) Kubatko and Justin Kubatko ’94/–
Frances Layton
Justin and Lacey Lonis ’14/–
Christine (Blair) Legow and Elliot Legow ’74/–
Karl Livengood and Betsy Livengood ’61/–
Rosser Mainwaring and Christine Mainwaring ’74/–
Marilyn Malina ’49
Donald Marshall ’62
Alex Massiello and Jennifer Massiello ’77/–
Michael Massouh and Virginia (Jacox) Massouh ’61/’65
Stephen Matthews and Sheila Whetzel ’71/–
Dr. Candace S. McCoy ’74
Frank Merritt ’65
Paul Milz ’72
William Moss and Kathleen Moss ’79/–
Judy Muyskens
Peter Namen and Andrea Namen ’81/–
Andrew Oldman and S. Madeleine Oldman
Sally Olds ’51
Ernest Pasqualone and Sarah (Norment) Pasqualone ’77/’77
Denise Patterson ’91
Susan (Dlugo) Penko and Paul Penko ’68/–
Jennifer Prugh ’91
Edward Reed+ and Jan (Case) Reed ’53/’56
Michael Root and Tracy Root ’81/–
Nancy Rubin
John Sawyer ’70
Christopher Schmitt and Melissa Schmitt ’04/–
Richard Sechrist ’51
Seku Shabazz ’00
Cynthia Smith and Gregory Petrick ’78/–
Andrew Stofan and Barbara (Bedell) Stofan ’57/’57
Peter and Laura Swallow
Douglas H. Thompson and Robin C. Thompson
John Titch and Terasa Titch ’80/–
Marsha (Weeks) Traill and Peter Traill ’71/–
Elvia (Smith) Wade and Arnold Wade ’60/–
Michele Warholic ’80
Sally Webb ’78
C. Daniel Weber and Donna Weber ’61/–
Detra West
Jay Wilder ’67
Annie Williams ’62
George Wright and Louise Hausman ’68/–
Erica (Antoniotti) Wathey and Joseph Wathey ’91/–
Sally Webb ’78
David Weber ’69
Detra West
Lindajean Western
Jay Wilder ’67
Susan Young and William Roper ’74/–
Fred Zacharias ’52
Katarzyna (Kruzel) Zarish and Jeff Zarish ’93/–