Hiram College
Alumni Giving 1990-1999
Roger A. Adkins ’95
Chad Ahren and Beth Tidball ’98/–
Brian Annandono and Jennifer (Vlad) Annandono ’90/’90
William Antel and Rebecca Antel ’95/’01
Daniel Baker and Georganne Baker ’99/–
Richard Barber ’95
Keith Barton and Aimee Barton ’90/’01
Warren Blazy and Sherry Blazy ’91/’94
Barbara (Boso) Bragiel and John Bragiel ’91/–
Martin Christ and Aubrey Christ ’94/–
Curtis Clevinger and Jennifer (Amick) Clevinger ’93/’93
Teresa Conroy-Roth and Andrew Roth ’90/–
Cheryl Coon ’95
Laura (Harmon) Cosgriff and Mark Cosgriff ’95/–
John Coyne and Ryan Coyne ’95/–
Arthur Dean and Alicia (Keckler) Dean ’91/’93
Mark DeGennaro and Debra (Brogan) DeGennaro ’92/’80
Christopher Delisio and Stephani Delisio ’91/–
Kelly Dillon ’98
Linda Dunlap ’93
Anthony Timko and Tracy Dunlap-Timko ’89/’91
Heidi Emhoff Wood ’97
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Margaret Frey and Gregory Corbin ’90/–
Geoffrey Gazda ’92
Jennifer (Meeker) Gilles and David Gilles ’95/–
Kenneth Goff and Ruth Goff ’95/–
Rebecca (Rosenbaum) Graham ’99
Priscilla Grant ’94
Janice Gresko ’93
Lethia Grimes ’95
Michael Grzesiak and Karen (Dougall) Grzesiak ’90/’92
Keri Gusmann ’71
Scott Hamler ’99
Lora (Wight) Harbison and Jess Harbison ’93/–
Danielle (Kurash) Harley and Douglas Harley ’98/–
Donald Hersh and Christine Hersh ’98/–
Matthew Hinderegger and Kimberly (Hellert) Hinderegger ’90/’92
David Horn and Amy (Pistachio) Horn ’91/’91
Rachel (Garrett) Howell and Matthew Howell ’90/–
Joel Howle and Mary Howle ’92/–
Todd Hrbek and Alexis Hrbek ’93/–
Joel Ingersoll and Fiona Ruthven ’96/–
Gabrielle Johnson and Gideon Johnson ’92/–
Scott Karlo and Judith (Clarke) Karlo ’93/’94
Charmaine Kepes and Ugur Aker ’93/–
Edward King and Donna King ’92/–
Linda Klapp ’93
Karen Knowlton ’93
Allyson Koteski ’94
Jennifer Kristoff-Miller and Ryan Miller ’96/–
Mark Krzys and Loretta (Roguski) Krzys –/’91
Laura (Salter) Kubatko and Justin Kubatko ’94/–
Michele Kurilec ’91
Stephanie Lammlein and Daniel Lammlein ’96/–
Shane Leary and Nadia (Nakonecznyj) Leary ’98/’99
Liwei Li and Kayla Li ’92/–
John Mager ’92
Kimberly Magwire and Aaron Newcomb ’94/–
Jodi (Murphy) Martin and David Martin ’93/–
Geraldine McClamy ’90
Denise Merritt and G. Michael Merritt ’94/–
Karen Meyer-Roux and Allon Percus ’90/–
Rebecca (Purinton) Molyneaux and Miles Molyneaux ’96/–
Nicole Pagano-Percy and Michael Percy ’91/–
Denise Patterson ’91
Wayne Pavalko and Rima (Abdallah) Pavalko ’91/’91
Bonnie Pearce ’91
Michael Pence and Ulises Marin ’91/–
Brian Pifer and Sonya Pifer ’94/–
Dawn (Durell) Prall and Dean Prall ’96/–
John Owen and Jean Procious ’96/’98
Faith Proietti and Gary Proietti ’93/–
Jennifer Prugh ’91
Michael Read and Sarah (Cardinal) Read ’96/’98
Brent Rice and Sharon Rice ’93/–
William Risch ’91
Benjamin Russell and Kelly Bastone ’98/’95
Eric Saunders ’91
Joanna Schroeder ’99
Rodney Sheets ’91
Rachel (Lewis) Shepard and Robert Shepard ’95/–
Lori Slingerland and Howard Slingerland ’93/–
Lois Snyder ’93
Anmarie (Hunt) Thompson ’91
Michelle (Gyulai) Thompson and Shawn Thompson ’90/–
Catherine (Martoff) Timko and Martin Timko ’91/–
Greg Toth and Carrie Toth ’97/–
Edward Trenn and Dedra Trenn ’96/–
Carolyn Walkley ’99
Paul Wilson and Alice Wilson ’92/–
Rocco Yeargin and Melinda Yeargin ’93/–
Katarzyna (Kruzel) Zarish and Jeff Zarish ’93/–
David Zeigler and Marlene Zeigler ’93/–