Hiram College
Charmaine Kepes and Ugur Aker ’93/–
Carlton Albert and Debra Albert ’90/–
Brian Annandono and Jennifer (Vlad) Annandono ’90/’90
William Antel and Rebecca Antel ’95/’01
Dale Arkenburg and Patricia Walunis ’94/’94
Etta (Wilson) Atwell and Jeffrey Atwell ’95/–
Daniel Baker and Georganne Baker ’99/–
Richard Barber ’95
Keith Barton and Aimee Barton ’90/’01
J. Matthew Bereza ’91
Michael Best and Diane Best ’96/–
Carol Biltz and Russell Biltz ’98/–
Frank Blatnik and Shanti (Hatch) Blatnik ’94/’93
Rebecca Bodnar ’91
Barbara (Boso) Bragiel and John Bragiel ’91/–
Marie Brehob and Michael Brehob ’91/–
George Briercheck and Deborah Briercheck ’91/–
John Bucklin ’93
Jeffrey Bugara ’92
Tina (Jones) Caldwell and Harry Caldwell ’92/–
Todd Cannon and Christine (Brown) Cannon ’92/’92
Robert Carey and Michelle (Wheater) Carey ’98/’98
Kevin Carroll and Mandy (Herberth) Carroll ’95/’95
Raymond Carter and Dawn (Workman) Carter ’97/’97
Tamara Casper and Frank Casper ’91/–
David Cherosky and Natalie (Bilovocky) Cherosky ’97/’98
Michael Clark and Joan Clark ’94/–
Curtis Clevinger and Jennifer (Amick) Clevinger ’93/’93
Christopher Collins and Stephanie (Hevener) Collins ’91/’91
Teresa Conroy-Roth and Andrew Roth ’90/–
Cheryl Coon ’95
John Coyne and Ryan Coyne ’95/–
Brian Crandall and Michelle Holiday ’99/’02
Christopher Delisio and Stephani Delisio ’91/–
J. Carol Guyette Denzinger and Dan Denzinger ’96/–
Amber Dewey and Louis Tremante ’92/–
Barbara DeYoung and Perry DeYoung ’98/–
Eric Dicken and Paul Putman ’91/–
David Donald and Kimberly Donald ’91/–
Sharon Douglass ’90
Susanna Drbal and David Gerstle ’91/–
James Drury and Diana Drury ’95/–
Linda Dunlap ’93
Amy (Boyer) Dutton and Mark Dutton ’91/–
Jane Dye and Denver Dye ’99/–
Susan (McGee) Ellis and Richard Ellis, Jr. ’93/–
Heidi Emhoff ’97
Jeffrey Fee and Robin (Iler) Fee ’90/’91
William Felberg and Jessica Felberg ’96/–
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Denise (McKinney) Finney and Matthew Finney ’98/–
Alan Florjancic and Karen Florjancic ’91/–
Jennifer (Hawk) Frederick and Scott Frederick ’95/–
Margaret Frey and Gregory Corbin ’90/–
Geoffrey Gazda ’92
Brian Gecina and Lori Gecina ’95/–
Christina Gill McCallum and David McCallum ’92/–
Rebecca (Rosenbaum) Graham ’99
Gregory Graybill and Beth Graybill ’93/–
Janice Gresko ’93
Lethia Grimes ’95
Michael Grzesiak and Karen (Dougall) Grzesiak ’90/’92
Keri Gusmann ’71
Lora (Wight) Harbison and Jess Harbison ’93/–
Zachary Hayden ’99
David Hejmanowski and Ashley Hejmanowski ’96/–
Lucas Hill and Heather Andonucci-Hill ’97/–
Matthew Hinderegger and Kimberly (Hellert) Hinderegger ’90/’92
Paul Holland ’92
Rachel (Garrett) Howell and Matthew Howell ’90/–
Joel Howle and Mary Howle ’92/–
Jason Huffman and Laurie Huffman ’94/–
Donna Hunt ’97
Gabrielle Johnson and Gideon Johnson ’92/–
Rachel (Jones) Kelley ’95
Poonam Khanna and Craig Goldstein ’92/–
Samantha Kimpel ’91
Linda Klapp ’93
Shon Koly and Jill (Heywood) Koly ’99/’00
Jack Kopen and Doreen Kopen ’99/–
Peter Korytko and Cami Holtmeier ’92/–
Allyson Koteski ’94
Jennifer Kristoff-Miller and Ryan Miller ’96/–
Laura (Salter) Kubatko and Justin Kubatko ’94/–
John Lampe ’93
Erik Laughner and Charlene Gamaldo ’94/–
Shane Leary and Nadia (Nakonecznyj) Leary ’98/’99
Brenda (Klemmensen) Lillge and James Lillge ’93/–
Lorri (Anderson) Love and Duncan Love ’90/–
John Mager ’92
James Mako and Sarah Mako ’93/–
Darren Mancuso ’95
Jodi (Murphy) Martin and David Martin ’93/–
Sara Marxen ’95
Steven Maxim and Andrea Maxim ’92/–
Mark McGinnis and Angela (Huffman) McGinnis ’98/’96
Melinda (Blank) McIlroy and John McIlroy ’91/–
Daniel McKeen and Tina (Smith) McKeen ’91/’92
Tracy McLean and Doug Ehrler ’92/–
Heather (Moore) Meeker and James Meeker ’94/–
Margaret (Stiveson) Mellott and Mark Mellott ’97/–
Denise Merritt and G. Michael Merritt ’94/–
Geitra (Snider) Mickelson and Neil Mickelson ’96/–
Brett Miller ’94
Rebecca (Purinton) Molyneaux and Miles Molyneaux ’96/–
Scott Moore and Amy (Herb) Moore ’95/’97
Nathaniel Morehouse Amanda Cobes ’97/’99
John Morris and Maryann (Bryant) Morris ’96/’96
Stewart Newman and Senia Newman ’97/–
Michelle Nicopolis and Mike Gallagher ’95/–
Alba Ortega Close ’91
John Owen and Jean Procious ’96/’98
Nicole Pagano-Percy and Michael Percy ’91/–
Michael Palmer and Christine Palmer ’92/–
Wendy (Hreha) Parks and John Parks ’95/–
Bonnie Pearce and Barry Pearce ’91/–
Michael Pence ’91
Robert Perciak and Angela (Mundie) Perciak ’97/’98
Autumn (Lodge) Persinger and Charles Persinger ’97/–
Brian Pifer and Sonya Pifer ’94/–
Patrice Powers-Barker and James Barker ’97/–
Jennifer Prugh ’91
Victoria A. (Sherman) Prybe and Stanley D. Prybe ’92/–
Mary Pugacz ’92
Al Ratini, II ’91
Matthew Ray and Cynthia (Vanek) Ray ’93/’94
Douglas Reimel and Alex Bravo-Pinzon ’90/–
Brent Rice and Sharon Rice ’93/–
William Risch ’91
B. Jean Roche ’95
Michael Rooney and Katherine Rooney ’91/–
Laurie Sasala-Facsina and Christopher Kraska ’94/–
William Sciortino and Celeste Sciortino ’91/–
Rebecca Shepherd ’91
Carey Shive and Jeffrey Shive ’93/–
Lori Slingerland and Howard Slingerland ’93/–
Julie (Stoddard) Smith and Matthew Smith ’94/–
Robert Smith ’92
Lois Snyder ’93
Gwenne Stanos and Phillip Stanos ’96/–
Jodi (Craigo) Steckbeck and Jonathan Steckbeck ’92/–
Derek Stern and Theresa Stern ’92/–
Ann (Clark) Thayer and J. Peter Thayer ’90/–
Michelle (Gyulai) Thompson and Shawn Thompson ’90/–
Courtni (James) Thorpe and Pete Thorpe ’98/–
Catherine (Martoff) Timko and Martin Timko ’91/–
Michelle (Lilly) Trager and Jeffrey Trager ’98/–
Edward Trenn and Dedra Trenn ’96/–
Robert Varga and Carol Varga ’92/–
Brian Vaughan and Stacey (Gianantonio) Vaughan ’92/’92
Karen Vereb and Gary Vereb ’95/–
Steven Vieira and Lori (Kinford) Vieira ’96/’96
Scott Vine ’90
Keith Vouk and Louise (Fabian) Vouk ’95/’87
Carolyn Walkley ’99
Jason Wallach and Sabrina Wallach ’90/–
Matthew Ward and Jill Shuey ’95/–
Chad Webb and Jennifer (Klouda) Webb ’95/’95
Rocco Yeargin and Melinda Yeargin ’93/–
Gregory Young and Duprane (Pedaci) Young ’96/’96
Katarzyna (Kruzel) Zarish and Jeff Zarish ’93/–
Karen (Greene) Zuber ’94