Hiram College
Alumni Giving 1980-1989
Patricia Abdenour ’80
Andrew Allen ’89
Geneva Amtsberg and Donald Amtsberg ’87/–
Richard Anthony and Svetlana Anthony ’82/–
Mark Armeni ’83
Cynthia Barclay and Robert Barclay ’86/–
Donald Batisky ’83
Hazel Beck ’88
Deborah (Engel) Behringer and Steven Behringer ’88/–
John Belden and Debra (Randby) Belden ’82/’82
Kimberly (Lee) Blake and Randy Blake ’84/–
Cherylann Blankfield ’85
Timothy Boyer and Heather Boyer ’89/–
Kevin Bradley and JoEllen Minchak ’84/’82
Stephen Branigan and Sheila Branigan ’85/–
Mark DeGennaro and Debra (Brogan) DeGennaro ’92/’80
Janis Brown ’89
Sarah (Hirt) Buzulencia and Michael Buzulencia ’83/–
David Carr and Angela Carr ’84/–
Barbara Cashion and Herschell Cashion ’87/–
John Choma ’86
John Frederick Church and Kelley Ann Church ’87/–
Kenneth Cline ’80
Jeffrey Cochran  ’81
Kathleen Coleman ’87 and The Lester E. and Kathleen A. Coleman Foundation
Jared Cooper ’80
Karla (Griggs) Corbett and David Corbett ’83/–
Lisa (Prouty) Corwin and Gilbert Corwin ’88/–
Patrick Cusick and Douglas Golbe ’86/–
Renee D’Andrea-Barnes and Jeffrey Barnes ’85/–
Daniel Datish ’88
Janet (Peters) Daum ’81
Randall and Sharon (Dittmer) Dearth ’86/’85
Ronald Devorsky and Lois (Bowden) Devorsky ’88/’89
Janet Factor and Randolph Elble ’80/–
Douglas Fedoryshyn ’82
Roberta Fell ’85
Pamela Ferkett ’89
Karen (Kist) Full and Jim Full ’82/–
Cheryl (Dell) Garrett and David Garrett ’83/–
Linda Gepper and Donald Gepper ’84/–
Julie Gilhousen and Larry Gilhousen ’85/–
Patrick Gintert and Elise (Fosnight) Gintert ’86/’84
Anthony Giuliano and Donna Giuliano ’80/–
George Graham and Michael Fleenor ’86/–
James Graham and David Dusek ’88/–
Thomas Grey and Linda Grey ’85/–
Katherine (Hoeh) Griffin and Kenneth Griffin ’81/–
Douglas Grimm ’84
Mark Hammond and Jill Hammond ’85/–
Bernadette (Belton) Harper and Charles Harper ’81/–
Arnold Hayes and Karen Donley-Hayes ’86/’86
Chad Hegerty and Jennifer Hegerty ’86/–
James Hickman ’88
James Higginbotham and Carolyn (Roderick) Higginbotham ’80/’80
Thomas Hill ’80
Robert Hoffmann ’87
Stacy (Hach) Hortner ’85
Michael Houska and Brenda Houska ’82/–
David Jones and Sheryl Jones ’80/–
Martin Kaverman and Ann Kaverman ’88/–
Judith Kellogg and Thomas Furey ’88/–
Michael Kernan ’88
Debra Kibbe and Frank Jones ’85/–
Karen Knodt ’81
Allan Kolesar ’86
Robert Kubic and Pamela Kubic ’87/–
Christian Kuehm ’85
Edward Kuppinger and Karen Kuppinger ’85/–
Nadene L’Amoreaux-Bland and Elmer C. Bland ’87/–
Steven Lee and Diana Lee ’86/–
John Lendvay and Scott Nunes ’83/–
Raymond Leo ’87
Gregory Marchand and Pamela (Bowman) Marchand ’87/’89
David Maxson ’82
Sean McLane ’87
Rebecca Miller ’81
William Moran ’86
Michael Myers and Debbi Myers ’83/–
Peter Namen and Andrea Namen ’81/–
Eileen Neely and Rick Picardi ’86/–
Nancy (Jeffcott) Nelson and David Nelson ’80/–
Theodore Marten and Kathleen (Noland) Marten ’78/’84
Catherine (Shoaf) Novokowsky and Mark Novokowsky ’85/–
Marjorie Nugent and Patrick McMonagle ’82/–
Julie Olds and Thomas Hellie ’83/–
Kevin and Candy Painley ’84/–
Phillip Paparodis ’80
Christopher Parfitt and Margaret (McKnight) Parfitt ’82/’85
W. Robert Price and Sandra (Pugh) Price ’83/’84
Cheryl Principi ’83
Irene (Wagner) Raiber and Thomas Raiber ’87/–
Wilda Rainsburg-Leek and John Leek ’89/–
Andrew Ratcliff ’86
Linda Rechlin ’88
Wilfredo Rivera and Marianna (Manfredi) Rivera ’80/’81
Michael Root and Tracy Root ’81/–
William Ross ’84
Heather Rounds ’80
Dawn (Schlaeppi) Runyon and Bruce Runyon ’82/–
Darci (Richardson) Sanders ’87/–
Todd Little and Cynthia (Sauer) Little ’79/’80
Henry Schellenger and Julie Schellenger ’80/–
John Havener and Lisa Schneider ’79/’80
Spencer Schwartz and Diane (Stiver) Schwartz ’85/’84
Julia Seaman and James Kuehlthau ’82/–
Barbara Sedlock ’80
Robert Sefcik and Denise (Curle) Sefcik ’81/’80
Barbara Shipley ’04 and The Walter V. and Judith L. Shipley Family Foundation
Edward Simmer and Peggy Herzog-Simmer ’86/’89
Catherine Smerek and Edward Smerek ’84/–
Daryl Stumph and Kimberly (Clarke) Stumph ’86/’88
Jeffrey Suzelis and Paula (Groboski) Suzelis ’89/’89
Susan (Hollinger) Testa and Rick Testa ’83/–
Anthony Timko and Tracy Dunlap-Timko ’89/’91
John Titch and Terasa Titch ’80/–
Louis Turzak ’81
Anne (Najeway) Vainer ’80
Michele Warholic ’80
Rhonda (Simpson) Wayman and Douglas Wayman ’89/–
Nanette (Pou) Wehe and Chester Wehe III ’80/–
Karl Wolcott and Theresa Wolcott ’83/–
Jerry Workman and Susan (Downs) Workman ’86/’84
Karen Zupanic and Rudolph Zupanic ’84/–