Hiram College
Alumni Giving 1970-1979
Robert Abdalian and Sue Ellen (Lewis) Abdalian ’71/–
Debra Abdalian-Thompson ’75
Terry Abramovich and Lynne (Rohrich) Abramovich ’74/’73
Brenda Alexander ’71
Wendy (Cross) Allen and Edwin Allen ’74/–
Edward Allinson and Elizabeth Allinson ’74/–
Nancy Ambrose ’72
Virl Andrick and Joseph Arbo ’70/–
David J Arnold ’79
Sandra Ashmun-Gabel and Barry Gabel ’71/–
P. Thomas Bacher and Madeleine Bacher ’78/–
Deborah Barnet ’73
Virginia Bean and Ronald Daley ’74/–
James Bekeny and Nancy Bekeny ’73/–
Jonathan Bell and Constance Colwell ’75/–
Peter Bell and Sharon Bell ’75/–
Robert Benedict and Susan Benedict  ’71/–
John Bennett and Kathleen Bennett ’72/–
Randall W. Betz ’75
David Biddle and Sally Hutcheson ’74/’76
Richard Birch and Nina Birch
Keith Blackmore ’74
Mary Kay (Miller) Blair and Dennis Blair ’74/–
Mark Blanchard and Kathleen Blanchard ’76/–
Sally (Prickitt) Boggeman ’70
Sherry Williams Bortnick ’71
Paul Bosley and Jeanne Bosley ’71/–
Larry and Alison (Copius) Bouts ’71/’71 and The Bouts Scholarship Foundation
Arthur Brenneke and Renate (Metcalf) Brenneke ’71/’71
William Brent and Rebecca Thompson ’71/–
Thomas Broderick and Linda (Ryan) Broderick ’75/’76
David Brown and Pamela (Kuglar) Brown ’72/’74
Lenore (Perrin) Broyard and Michael Broyard ’71/–
Ruth Ann (Pancoast) Burns ’70
Barbara (Kostyo) Burwell and Ronald Burwell ’78/–
Bruce Bustard and Victoria (Lounsbury) Bustard ’76/’76
Stephanie (Thomas) Byrne and Joseph Byrne ’70/–
Daniel Cade and Bonnie (Symes) Cade ’78/’79
Kenneth Cain ’79
Amy Cantini ’72
Michael Carlson and Karen Carlson ’70/–
Paul Channels and Ruth (Mattison) Channels ’70/’70
Dane Chavers and Jane Chavers ’78/–
Irene (Holloway) Chenowith and David Chenowith ’77/–
Jane Chodzin ’79
Emey (Hwang) Chu
Terrence F. Cloonan and Ron Fankhauser ’78/–
Roger Cooper and Doral Cooper ’70/–
Marilyn Cover and David Knofler ’75/–
Mr Douglas A Crandall
Glen Crevier and Sybil Crevier ’75/–
Charles Curtiss and Diana Curtiss ’74/–
Franziska (Teuffel) Dacek and James Dacek ’74/–
Kenneth Dardenne and Veronica Miller ’73/–
Bruce Davis and Susan Davis ’72/–
Kay Dawson ’76
Gary Deckant ’74
Theodore Dellas and Dee Dellas ’74/–
Robert DeMallie and Hildegard DeMallie ’76/–
Emily (Wilcox) Denesha and Michael Denesha ’70/–
Jeffrey Denham and Susan Denham ’79/–
Elaine (Hill) DeVennish and Edward DeVennish ’70/–
Kathleen (Young) DiLoreto and Stephen DiLoreto ’72/–
Carl Draucker and Claire Draucker ’73/–
Mary Dundon and Charles Dundon ’76/–
Virginia Dunlap and Peter Oszaczky ’75/–
Emily (Bufferd) Ellis and Frank Ellis ’74/–
Bruce Ervin and Helen Hempfling Ervin ’76/’78
Diane Ewanko ’78
David Factor and Rosanne Factor ’73/–
Ruthellen (Rosenthal) Fein and Richard Fein ’79/–
Kathryn Fendya ’71
Mark Filippi and Kathleen Filippi ’77/–
Susan Floyd ’77
Will Folger and Mary Folger ’74/–
Jess Ford and Suon Ford ’70/–
Richard Fowler and Darlene (Ciccarelli) Fowler ’77/’78
Jeffrey Fram and Tina Fram ’74/–
Robert Friedberg and Barbara Friedberg ’77/–
Michael Fritz and Carol Fritz ’78/–
Leland Gamson and Bonnie Gamson ’73/–
Mary Gaylor ’70
Christian Geiser ’70
Paul Gilbert and Linda Cies ’74/–
Paul Gorfine and Linda Gorfine ’74/–
Laura Gorretta ’72
Charles Green ’73
Toni Greenslade-Smith and Dean Smith ’79/–
Judith Griffith ’74
Emily (Miller) Gronberg ’73
Charles Gulas and Gilbert Smith ’75/–
Diane Ruggiero and James Guy ’78/–
Peter Hackman ’75
Bruce Hart and Jill Hart ’76/–
Terry Hartle and Susan Quantius ’73/–
Karyn (Bowdich) Hascal ’71
Christopher Haufler and Marsha Haufler ’72/–
Ann Havener and Richard Estabrook ’72/–
John Havener and Lisa Schneider ’79/’80
David Hawkey and Jennie Hawkey ’71/–
David Henschel ’71
Gilbert Herman and Margaret Herman ’71/–
Phillip Hickox ’73
Kenneth Hilton and Margaret Anne (Olson) Hilton ’70/’69
Cynthia Hoeh and Paul Stancioff ’79/–
Laurel (Hanks) Hokaj and Lee Hokaj ’74/–
Donald Holmes and Laurie (Cassel) Holmes ’74/’75
Stephen Holmes and Saliayn Holmes ’73/–
David House and June House ’73/–
Louise Howells and James Ogilvy ’71/–
William Jackson and Caryn (Horne) Jackson ’79/’79
Mary Louise (Pelletier) Jensen and Richard Jensen ’71/–
Martha John and James Downey ’73/–
Robert Johnson and Linda Johnson ’70/–
Richard W. Jones and Diane A. Jones ’72/–
Michael Juhola and Denise Juhola ’77/–
William Kelly and Kathleen Kelly ’73/–
Robin (McCoy) Kemp ’76
Margaret (Rauckhorst) Kerr and Paul Kerr ’79/–
Susan (Sazma) Kerr and Allen Kerr ’70/–
Jane (Thomas) Klag and Narcy Klag ’71/–
Susan Kleiner and Jeffrey Kanter ’79/–
Linda (Hickman) Knable and Dale Knable ’71/–
Jean (Knoske) Knoske ’79
Edward Kostansek and Rosemary (Zuzek) Kostansek ’70/’66
Shelby (Chambers) Krzyzak and Thomas Krzyzak ’71/–
Anna (Schoellkopf) Lacher and Walter Lacher ’72/–
Nadia Lahutsky and Edward McMahon ’73/–
Cynthia Lam and Barry Welch ’78/–
Stephanie (Mills) Landry and James Landry ’73/–
Molly (Luce) Larkin ’74
Larry Lawson and Dianne (Smith) Lawson ’71/’72
Elizabeth (Kinney) Lee and David Lee ’71/–
Christine (Blair) Legow and Elliot Legow ’74/–
Alice Lewis ’74
Wendy (Fox) Lichtenwalter and Rick Lichtenwalter+ ’72/–
Robert Lind and Cheryl Cox ’77/–
Cyndie (Fordham) Lipari and Mark Lipari ’75/–
Todd Little and Cynthia (Sauer) Little ’79/’80
Mary (Kidder) Lloyd and Richard Lloyd ’73/–
Dr Dixie Benshoff Ludick ’72
Thomas Lundberg and Gail (Schoenbaechler) Lundberg ’75/’76
Nathan Lyman and Gail Lyman ’77/–
Duncan MacInnes and Joan MacInnes ’70/–
Brenda (White) Mahoney and Michael Mahoney ’73/–
Rosser Mainwaring and Christine Mainwaring ’74/–
Caroline Malseed ’72
John Manners ’78
Laura Mantrone and Thomas Holder ’78/–
Patricia (Darby) Marbury and Felix Marbury ’77/–
Charles Marn and Kathleen Hawkins ’78/–
Thomas Martinko and Deborah Martinko ’78/–
Paul Mason ’70
Maureen (Early) Mattern and Perry Mattern ’71/–
Stephen Matthews and Sheila Whetzel ’71/–
Daniel and Jan Maxson ’79/–
Ruth McCalla Edwards ’71
Lee McCarty and Cynthia (Tollis) McCarty ’70/’68
Marthe McClive ’73
Jill (Altshuler) McCormick and Richard McCormick ’74/–
Melissa (Kendall) McCormick and James McCormick ’78/–
Judith (Sade) McDermott and John McDermott ’70/–
Douglas McFarland ’74
Thomas McKenna and Kelli (Roepke) McKenna ’78/’78
Kevin McMahon and Kristen (Rossman) McMahon ’74/’74
Michael McNally and Stephanie (Ramian) McNally ’76/’74
Judith (Krivanek) McNeish ’79
Andrew Meinhold and Allison Meinhold ’72/–
Lewis Messenger and Phyllis (Mauch) Messenger ’71/’71
Katherine Millard and Paul Churchill ’70/–
Timothy Miller ’70
Paul Milz ’72
Donna Moore ’75
Kenneth Motz and Teresa Motz ’73/–
Donald Muchow and Margaret Neill ’77/’78
Lucetta (Trexler) Muth and Michael Muth ’74/–
David Myford and Carol (Monroe) Myford ’74/’73
Randolph Neal and Teresa (Fergason) Neal ’78/’79
Kenneth Nesper and Christine Matthews ’71/–
William Newman ’77
Linda (Aust) Niece and Don Niece ’74/–
Leslie Niehaus and Susan Niehaus ’76/–
Timothy Niemi and Crystal (Conklin) Niemi ’78/–
Wesley Ogata and Sharon Ogata ’71/–
Frank Paden ’73
James Parsons and Susan Parsons ’71/–
Norman Paskowsky ’73
Ernest Pasqualone and Sarah (Norment) Pasqualone ’77/’77
Richard Pauli and Rosemary Hartigan ’70/–
Lynn (Stowell) Pearson and Dayl Pearson ’74/–
William Pearson and Rebecca Pearson ’74/–
Robert Penrod and Betty-Jane (Novicky) Penrod ’70/’70
James Phelps and Joy Phelps ’73/–
Patricia (Smith) Pillsbury ’70
Tod Powers and Kim (Brown) Powers ’77/’78
Constance (Jenkins) Pritchard ’72
Sally Promey and Roger Fallot ’75/–
James Purtilo ’78
Katharine Rahe and Roderic Rahe ’75/–
Donald Raw and Marlies Raw ’76/–
Elizabeth (Fajans) Ritthaler and William Ritthaler ’78/–
Stephen Robb and Judy Honig ’70/–
Andrew Rodman and Cynthia (Wierum) Rodman ’77/’77
Joan Roguski ’77
Dick Roop and Edna Roop ’71/–
Mary (Bayliss) Rosenberg ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rudolph
Franklin Russell and Robyn Kremer ’72/–
Don Salsky and Irene Salsky ’70/–
John Sawyer ’70
Dean Scarborough and Janice Bini ’77/– and The Bini-Scarborough Family Charitable Fund
John Schalow and Reny Mashoori ’73/–
James Schellenger and Teresa Schellenger ’75/–
Timm Schreiber and Deborah Schreiber ’79/–
Kristine (Donaldson) Schwab and Robert Schwab ’72/–
Richard Shafer and Susan Shafer ’70/–
Janis (Piwkowski) Shelton and James Shelton ’72/–
William Sherman and Diane (Seesdorf) Sherman ’79/’79
Diane Shields ’75
Carol Shively and Thomas Register ’79/–
Bruce Shylo and Karen Shylo ’71/–
Stephen Simon and Jan Simon ’73/–
Cynthia Smith and Gregory Petrick ’78/–
Robert Smith and Deborah Smith ’71/–
Tracy Spencer and Henry Davis ’78/–
Nadine Stafford ’74
Terry Stancin and Michael Spetrino ’79/–
William Stephenson and Anita Stephenson ’72/–
Michael Sterzer ’73
Deborah Andrick Stout and J. David Stout ’71/–
Sara Strattan and Thomas Burns ’72/–
Perry Streidel and Jim Asp ’75/–
Allen Swanson and Leslie Wald ’70/–
Lucia (DiSalvo) Swanson and Theodore Levine ’70/–
Michael Tabor and Melinda Tabor ’76/–
Jay Taylor and Kristin Firth ’79/’78
John Thomas and Elizabeth Thomas ’75/–
Beryl (Tuffyas) Tishkoff and Gary Tishkoff ’72/–
Marsha (Weeks) Traill and Peter Traill ’71/–
Susan (Nowak) Trudell and Jeffrey Trudell ’78/–
Freya Turner ’75
Lauriel (Fletcher) Turner and George Turner ’72/–
Robert Turner and Christy (Foreman) Turner ’72/’75
Jane Upton ’72
Janice Vahl ’70
Mary (Zelenak) Van de Graaff and William Van de Graaff ’79/–
Frank Vari and Helen Vari ’79/–
Joanne (Koerner) Vogt and Peter Vogt ’77/–
Joseph Vrba and Wylene Vrba ’74/–
Sylvia Waliga ’78
JoEllen Walker ’78
William H. Walker and Navella Walker ’77/–
Mary Walser ’70
Paul Ward and Kathleen Bates ’71/–
Frederick Warmbrodt and AnneMarie Warmbrodt ’74/–
Sally Waterhouse and Dennis Radabaugh ’73/–
Julia (Moore) Watkins and JW Watkins ’79/–
Karen Wax ’70
Sally Webb ’78
Amy Weber ’76
D. Blair Weidig and Lizbeth Hoke ’75/’78
Michael Weinstock and Marissa Weinstock ’73/–
Paul Whitacre and Pamela Whitacre ’78/–
Joshua Wiener and Tabitha Doescher ’73/–
Norman Wise ’73
Timothy Wittman and Lisa Wittman ’79/–
Carol (Blanchard) Wolfe and David Wolfe ’70/–
Katherine (Igleheart) Wood ’76
Susan Wright ’74
Nancy (Howells) Wrobel and Thomas Wrobel ’78/–
Ira Wydner ’71
Jeffrey Yatsu ’70
Susan Young and William Roper ’74/–