Hiram College
Harry Adams and Sally Adams ’57/–
Phillip Adams and Geraldine Adams ’52/–
Norman Alger+ and Marilyn (Mantsch) Alger ’52/’52
J. Robert Andress and Lois (Wright) Andress ’53/’53
Herbert Andrews and Molly Andrews
Thomas Andrews ’59
Beverly (Johnson) Applebee and Donald Applebee ’57/–
Raymond Arnold and Shirley Arnold ’52/–
Constance (Rullestad) Balaguer and James Balaguer ’59/–
Willard Bankes and Beverly Bankes ’55/–
Paul Barton and Carole Willett-Barton ’53/–
Robert S. Bates and M. Sue Bates ’50/–
Kathryn Behm ’57
David Bell and Alice (Lane) Bell ’54/’53
Robert Bermudes and Sally Bermudes ’52/–
Robert Bishop and Winifred Bishop ’50/–
Norma (Hudson) Blank and Peter Blank+ ’59/–
Evelyn (Hagstrom) Bowers ’51
Kier Boyd and Bertina Boyd ’54/–
Olive (Wendell) Boyd ’51
Betty (Chambers) Boydstun and Richard Boydstun ’58/–
Alta (Helsley) Boyles and James Boyles ’59/–
Helen (Haugh) Bradley and Norman Bradley ’53/–
Thomas Braucher and Joyce (Johnson) Braucher ’53/’53
Elizabeth (Heckel) Breederland and Henry Breederland ’59
William Brinker and Grace Brinker
David Brokaw ’52
Gene Brunn and Sarah Post ’56/–
Elvidio Bufalini ’50
Mary (Barnett) Calvin ’55
Warren Calvin and Joann (Cover) Calvin ’50/’52
George Campbell and Gayle Campbell ’54/–
Marie (Sager) Campbell and Donald Campbell ’52/–
Lynn Carlton and Aletha Carlton
Elizabeth (Wackerman) Carter and Jack Knight ’57/–
Eugene Cavanaugh and Shirley Holland ’52/–
Leonard Chaffee and Barbara Chaffee ’51/–
Dinka (Morgan) Chambers+ ’52
Aristithis Charnas and Stella Charnas ’52/–
Jean (Molyneux) Choate ’58
Robert Clark and Gwendoline Clark
Rodger Cliff ’58
Judith (Haak) Cobb ’59
David Cody+ and Sandra (Strahl) Cody ’57/’57
Martha (Rocco) Colbert ’59
John Coldiron and Kay (Conklin) Coldiron ’58/’59
Alan Cole and Marylyn Cole ’58/–
Charles Conant and Patricia (Rowland) Conant ’54/’55
Carole (Racine) Conley ’58
Nancy (Shaweker) Conoley ’52
Harlan Cook and Abby Cook
Kathleen (Forkner) Cookman and Donald Cookman ’53/–
Virginia (Dunipace) Cook and J. Hilary Cook ’53/–
James Couture ’52
Frederick Crouter and Louise (Patterson) Crouter ’54/’52
Edward Crowley and Mary Kathleen Crowley ’57/–
Robert Cruden and Diana Gannett ’58/–
Hilda Curran and Robert Kennon ’59/–
Nancy (Ziel) Curtis-Einheit and Herb Einheit ’57/–
David Dain and Judith (Monroe) Dain ’58/’59
Craig Damon and Lois Sherry ’56/–
J. Michael Davis and Melissa Davis ’56/–
Winifred (Spooner) Dean and Scott Dean ’51/–
Joan (Pepperman) Dehnel and William Dehnel ’55/–
Martha Derthick ’54
Louis DiOrio+ ’54
Dona Dise ’51
Janet (Miller) Donaldson ’58
Carol (Scheerer) Downs ’57
Paul DuBois and Carol (Johnson) DuBois ’59/’58
Marjorie (Dugan) Dzapo ’53
Lenora (Gray) Elbaum and J. Kenneth Elbaum ’56/–
Martha (Douglas) Ellsworth and Hugh Ellsworth ’53/–
Chalmer Ernst ’58
Carol (Hopkins) Farnham and Phillip Farnham ’59/–
Roger Fink and Janet (Zimmerman) Fink ’52/’54
Ruth (Lemmon) Fletcher-Ferrill ’56
K. Gerald Foote and Mary (Olds) Foote ’58/’58
Betty Foulk ’59
Margie (Musil) Frank ’50
Charles Fraser ’50
Martha (Robinson) Gallagher ’59
Barbara (Hinrichsen) Gardiner and William Gardiner ’58/– and the William H. Gardiner Family Foundation
Thom Geist and Christopher Leo ’57/–
William Gertz and Jean Gertz
C. Wallace Getty and Mildred (Humphries) Getty ’55/’55
Phyllis (Reese) Gilbert ’50
Willard Gombert and Vivian Gombert ’56/–
Carl Gordon ’58
Betty (Smith) Green ’53
Richard Masters and Margaret Green-Masters
Rhina (Holtz) Griffel and Eugene Griffel ’55/–
Donald Guarnieri and Sandra Guarnieri ’56/–
Donna Gyor ’57
Leland Haas and Nancy Haas ’51/–
Frances Hakenson ’58
Peter Hammar and Diane Hammar ’57/–
Donald Hampton and Sylvia Hampton ’57/–
Joan Haner ’54
Donald Hantak and Kathleen Hantak ’58/–
Janice Hargate ’57
Harry Haskins and Phyllis Haskins ’51/–
David Hazelwood ’53
Elizabeth (Allyn) Hendricks ’53
S. Ross Heuer and Elisabeth Heuer ’50/–
David Heym ’53
Elaine (Frantz) Hlaves ’57
Richard Hoeh and Dolores (Bencina) Hoeh ’52/’55
Noel Holland and Yvonne Holland ’51/–
William Horning and Katherine (Jewett) Horning ’55/’56
Phillip Hosmer and Patricia Hosmer ’55/–
Alice (Vild) Howenstine and William Howenstine ’52/–
Alan Hrabak and Leora Hrabak ’57/–
Alison (Heym) Hubbard-Miller ’56
John Hull and Alice Hull ’51/–
Russell Hurd and Kay (Krohn) Hurd ’59/’59
John Hurst and Lillian (Bierce) Hurst ’56/’62
Robert Ingram and Virginia Ingram ’51/–
Harriet (Snyder) Irwin
Suzanne (Lewis) Ivey and William Ivey ’58/–
Sarah (Canfield) Jaworowski and Ronald Jaworowski ’58/–
Carl Johnson and Theresa Johnson ’52/–
J. Norman Johnson+ ’51
Kir Karouna ’51
Burton Kassel and Donna Kassel ’52/–
Jonetta (Kelker) Kelly and Robert Kelly ’55/–
John Kerr and Carole Kerr ’51/–
Mary (Davis) Kilcoyne and Neil Kilcoyne ’58/–
William Kingzett and Gwendolyn (Gibbs) Kingzett ’53/’53
Catherine (Merkle) Klamar and John Klamar ’58/–
Virginia (Williams) Knowles and Theodore Knowles ’55/–
Jacqueline (Larsen) Krabill ’51
Joseph LaCamera and Deanna LaCamera ’58/–
Charles Lambert and Kay Lambert ’55/–
Mary (Boice) Lancaster and Henry Lancaster ’59/–
Ward Lawrence and Joan (Rowland) Lawrence ’57/’58
Raymond LeGrand ’53
Rachel Lewis ’59
Janet (Schaum) Lillibridge and John Lillibridge ’57/–
Kay (Bramley) Lingafelter ’57
Kenneth Linn ’51
Carolyn (Crook) Long ’54
Daniel MacArthur and Catherine MacArthur ’52/–
Ann (Rogers) Maloney and William Maloney ’52/–
Richard Manning and Lona Manning ’53/–
Daniel Marsh and Janet (Feucht) Marsh ’59/’59
Virginia (Costea) Mayhew ’54
Mildred (Fletcher) Mayo and Earl Mayo ’59/–
Garth McAdoo and Barbara (Brigham) McAdoo ’54/’55
Robert McClelland and Averil (Evans) McClelland ’64/’57
Peter McIntyre ’59
Donald McPherson and Sandra McPherson ’54/–
Jane Melbourne ’52
Toby Miller and Betty Miller ’59/–
Gerald Miller and Carmen Miller –/’58
Jay Miller and Valery Miller ’57/–
Judith (Hollenbank) Miller and Eugene Miller ’58/–
Richard Minick and Dorothy Minick ’51/–
Janice (Gurney) Minton Wood ’58
Robert Mitchell and Dora Mitchell ’51/–
Helen (Miner) Morrison ’50
Robin (White) Morrison and Glenn Morrison ’58/–
Anita (Rauchwerger) Moser ’57
Barbara (Sandy) Newman ’52
Philip Norton and Rosella Norton ’54/–
Donald Nunnelly and Lillian Nunnelly ’51/–
Sally Olds ’51
Joan (Burnham) Oram ’52
Karen (McKibben) Patterson and Lloyd Patterson ’59/–
Edgar Peck and Janet (Reimel) Peck ’53/’55
Sigmund Peck and Rae (Harmon) Peck ’53/’55
Anne (Linton) Pennock ’53
Alice (Hilty) Perkins ’50
David Phillips ’57
Sandra (Cunningham) Phillips ’59
Kaarlo Pollari and Karen Pollari ’53/–
Judith (MacPherson) Pratt and Kim Pratt ’57/–
Edward Reed and Jan (Case) Reed ’53/’56
Joseph Reigle and Janet Reigle ’59/–
Eugene Reiss and Karole Reiss ’58/–
Evelyn (Hunn) Rice and Donald Rice ’54/–
Douglas Robertson and Barbara Robertson ’54/–
Norma Rosenberger ’54
S. Bruce Rouillard and Janet McLane ’58/–
Richard Rowe and JoAnne (Swank) Rowe ’58/’55
Marian (East) Rubach ’58
Benton Russell and Vikki Russell ’52/–
Marilyn (Baetzel) Schindler and George Schindler ’50/–
Nancy (Higgins) Schuld and John Schuld ’55/–
Richard Sechrist ’51
William Seifer and Judith Seifer ’53/–
Patricia (Gibbs) Shanower and Donald Shanower ’50/–
Robert Siedle ’56
Herbert Sihler and Carolyn Sihler ’50/–
George Simpson and Eileen (Tubaugh) Simpson ’51/’51
Bryce Smith and Janet Smith ’52/–
Frederick Smith and Ruth (Hoeh) Smith ’52/’54
Lewis Smith and Doris (Alger) Smith ’52/’52
Lyle Smith and Diana Smith ’56/–
Carl Speck and Nancy (Norris) Speck ’51/’53
Joanne Speidel ’57
Arthur Sperry and Beverly Sperry ’50/–
John Stanton and Nora Stanton ’56/–
Norma (Hicks) Stearns
Carolyn (Rees) Stefani ’57
Muriel (Watkins) Stiffler ’55
Stuart Stiffler ’55
Harry Stiggers ’53
Andrew Stofan and Barbara (Bedell) Stofan ’57/’57
Richard Stofan and Nedra (Kingzett) Stofan ’54/’54
Rae (Willey) Stuart ’50
Beverly Stump ’53
Bill Sturbaum and Helen (Hill) Sturbaum ’52/’53
Larry Sutton and Patricia Hollister-Sutton
Nancy (Duer) Swenson ’56
Edward Taylor and Carol Taylor ’57/–
Marilyn (Miller) Taylor ’51
Marcia (Rosenblatt) Thompson ’52
Sally (Braden) Thorne ’50
Frank Totten ’54
Elizabeth (Sly) Van Buren ’51
Duane Van Demark ’58
William Verbsky and Judith Verbsky
John Vlad and Mary Alice (Roberts) Vlad ’56/’56
Thomas Weatherston ’51
Margaret (Baker) Wente ’55
Phyllis Westover ’57
Donald Wheat and Ann Wheat ’55/–
Homer Willard and Virginia Willard ’53/–
Jane Williams ’51
Marian (Kane) Williams and Stephen Williams ’52/–
Marshall and Marjorie (Foley) Winkle ’57/’58
Donald Wiseman and Betty Wiseman ’53/–
Ellen (Sandy) Wolfe
Eleanor (Bowe) Wood ’55
Phyllis (Williams) Young ’58
George Yuhas and Patricia Yuhas ’59/–
Fred Zacharias and Pauline Zacharias ’52/–
Martha (Heibert) Zimmerman ’50