Hiram College
Thomas Andrews `59
Allan and Terry Austin
George Bissell
Larry and Allison (Copius) `71/`71
David and Ann Brennan
Sheryl L. Buckely, M.D. `68
John N. Carr Trust
Hilda Carr Trust `35
Church Finance Council Inc
Martin `64 and Marilyn Clague
Kathleen Coleman `87
Larry and Joyce (Lewis) DeYoung `69/`69
Arlene Foote
Paul and Maxine Frohing Foundation
Paul Frohring
Paula Frohring
The GAR Foundation
Ervin Geib `50
James Graham `88 and David Dusek
Harley C. and Mary Hoover Price Foundation
Elmer and Joan Jagow
J. Philip Jones and Norma (Collins) Jones `47/`49
Elizabeth Juliano `84
Edwin and Ruth Kennedy
Walt `00 and Billene Kilgore
Jacqueline (Larsen) Krabill `51
The Kresge Foundation
Paul and Dorothy Martin
John `53 and Mitzi McDowell
Robert and Betty Merwin `36/`36
Kenneth Moore `69 and Cindy Holland
The Burton D Morgan Foundation
James `42 and Marcella Nelson
James J. and Mary Oriel McFarlin Foundation
Steven `64 and Mary Petretich
Ann Possage `48
W. Robert and Sandra J. (Pugh)Price `83/`84
Stanley and Lois Proctor
William Recker
Dean Scarborough `77 and Janice Bini
Bruce J. `71 and Karen R. Shylo
Daniel Slane
Kent and Thelma Smith
Peter `77 and Celeste Spitalieri
Perry Streidel `75 and Jim Asp
Lucia (DiSalvo) Swanson `70 and Theodore Levine 
Mary Walser