Hiram College

The “4 Year Conversation” Building an Advising Relationship: The Advisor’s Role

Every student at Hiram has an advisor. Here are some ways your advisor may assist you

  • Your advisor will come to know you, your interests and abilities as you participate in the First Year Enduring Questions course. He/she will listen to you describe your goals and your options and suggest alternatives for you to consider.
  • Your advisor can interpret placement test results and help you choose Hiram courses suitable for your educational background.
  • You and your faculty advisor will meet prior to course registration each semester to discuss your academic plans and progress and your options for the next registration.
  • During your freshman year, your advisor will maintain and regularly update an academic file for you. This file will include copies of all official correspondence including registration records and grade reports. You will also want to keep your own copies of these documents.
  • Your advisor will be knowledgeable about College requirements for general education and majors and minors and will encourage you to fulfill them in a timely and appropriate way.
  • Your advisor will encourage you to seek the opinions and advice of other faculty. Although you are primarily responsible for your own academic planning, it will be helpful to have input from faculty with different perspectives and from different disciplines.
  • Your advisor will help you develop oral and written communication skills by suggesting appropriate courses and experiences to strengthen those abilities.
  • If you need additional help to be successful academically, your advisor will be aware of campus resources and refer you to Academic Development, tutors, writing assistants or other resources.
  • Since your advisor will come to know your ability well, he or she may provide letters of reference for summer jobs, EMS programs, internships or graduate school.