Hiram College

Academic Development services are provided at a variety of locations on campus. These services offer structured outreach to students who are not achieving their full academic potential. The staff will help you identify the personal, academic and social factors that may be negatively affecting your academic performance. Ultimately, our goal is to help you improve your academic and personal achievements.

Academic Development consists of the following components:

Academic Development

Adam Santavy (ext. 6185) Hinsdale 101

Academic Development are available to all students and are designed to assist you in reaching your academic goals each term. The services consist of goal setting, time management and the development of study strategies for any academic assignments. Students will be engaged in a team effort with their professors, faculty advisers and the Academic Development counselor to achieve maximum academic potential and to meet personal goals.

Students who would like to engage in a concerted effort to develop their time management strategies, discover their learning styles and improve their study skills, should consider enrolling in STDV 608 Experiments in Effective Learning.

Writing Assistance Program

Jeff Swenson (ext. 5397), Writing House

The Hiram College Writing Center, which is inside the Writing House, exists to support the school’s comprehensive commitment to writing. The Writing Center offers information, services and programs for all students. Its goals are to enhance writing proficiency and to foster permanent affection and respect for language. Trained writing assistants are available for conferences with you during most afternoons and evenings. Appointments can be made on the sign-up sheet posted at the beginning of each week on the bulletin board outside the Writing Center. You can reach the Writing Center at ext. 5397.

Peer Tutoring

Adam Santavy (ext. 6185) Hinsdale 101

This program links students who are having academic difficulty with students majoring in that area of study. Group study sessions are also coordinated through the peer tutoring program. You are urged to contact the peer tutoring coordinator as soon as you think you may be falling behind.

Career Advising

Bethani Burkhart (ext. 5131), Hinsdale 101

Hiram College provides career advising through the Career Center, Hinsdale 101. Heather Balas, director of the Career Center, has prepared the section on page 3 to help you explore majors and learn about the complex relationship between majors and careers at a liberal arts college. Her office has many resources available to help you explore your interests and learn about majors and research careers. It is also the repository of many resources related to internships and experiential learning. One-credit classes in career and major exploration are also taught every semester; you may take one of them as early as the Spring 12-week session. Look for student development 610.00 in the course bulletin.

Disability Support Services

Kevin Feisthamel, Ph.D., PCC-S, NCC (ext. 5952), Julia Church Health Center

Students with special needs due to either a permanent or temporary disabling condition are encouraged to contact Kevin Feisthamel, ext. 5952, at the Julia Church Health Center. Services may include linking you to additional academic success services, helping to make accommodations in classrooms, living, or dining situations, serving as an advocate and helping you enjoy and be successful at Hiram. Some requests for accommodations may require supporting documentation in order to be considered.

Personal Counseling

Kevin Feisthamel, Ph.D., PCC-S, NCC (ext. 5952), Julia Church Health Center

Short-term personal and psychological counseling is available free of charge to all students. These services are confidential and in no way become part of an academic record. Feeling overwhelmed by problems may mean you are having difficulty concentrating on your academic work. Sometimes situations can begin to feel overwhelming, interfere with friends and relationships, alter normal eating and sleeping patterns or make it difficult to think about anything else. If you’re having difficulties (either current or something from the past) or are simply seeking support and a “listening ear,” you are encouraged to contact Kevin Feisthamel, director of counseling, ext. 5952, or stop by the Counseling Center located in the Julia Church Health Center to make an appointment.