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Request jag for your next event

Looking to have the Hiram Mascot at your next on or off-campus event? Fill out the form below to request him from the Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations!

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mascot appearance policies

The Hiram College Terrier is available to appear at any number of campus and off-campus events. JAG loves going out in public to be seen and people-watch. He also enjoys getting his picture taken with Hiram supporters. Appearance requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired appearance date. Please remember JAG may not be available during scheduled academic breaks or exam weeks. 

If your request for JAG to appear at your event is approved, you will need to provide the following: 

  1. A handler to accompany actor at all times during the event. 
  1. A private place to dress and rest (Actors need at least 15 minutes per hour to cool down and reenergize). 
  1. A secure location for clothes and personal items. 
  1. Drinking water available at all times. 

mascot policy

Wearers of the mascot costume must meet the following qualifications:

  • Enthusiasm 
  • Creativity 
  • Physically capable of performing required actions, stunts, and activities 
  • Ability to positively interact well with children 
  • Responsibility 
  • Spontaneity 
  • Self-discipline 
  • Due to the size restrictions of the costume, wearers should be between 5’5”-6’0” in height and weigh no more than 220 lbs. 


  • Never speak while in costume, except to an accompanying spotter/handler in hushed tones 
  • Be a positive representation of school spirit 
  • Never dress/undress/remove head in public, the mascot’s identity should be kept secret at all times! 
  • Gym shorts, a sleeved t-shirt, and socks MUST be worn under the costume 
  • Excessive or risky stunts are prohibited 
  • Inappropriate photos of the mascot shall not be taken 
  • Always be aware of the limitations of the costume 
  • Proper hydration before, during and after any appearance must be followed 
  • A maximum of 45-minutes may be spent in costume before taking a break 

uniform and appearance

Because of the expense of the costume, wearers should treat it with the utmost care and properly handle and clean it. Under no circumstances may the costume or pieces be used for personal or recreational use. 

If the costume is lost or damaged (beyond the normal wear-and-tear expected), your department will be held responsible for the cost of repairs and/or replacement. The cost to replace the costume is estimated to be $5,500. If the costume is stained/dirtied beyond normal wear and tear, your department will be responsible for any cleaning costs. 

Necessary repairs should be communicated to the Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations immediately in order that the repairs may be made in a timely manner. 

handler responsibilities

A handler must accompany mascot actors at all times.

  •  Accompany mascot at all times, always within arm’s reach. 
  • Answer questions and provide other responses for mascot as needed (JAG should not speak while in costume). 
  •  Manage crowd interaction (assist fans with taking pictures etc.) 
  • Act as mascot actor’s “eyes and ears” 
  • Take photos for Hiram social media.  
  •  Assist mascot actor with various duties that may arise.  

mascot usage agreement

By requesting usage of the Terrier mascot costume for your event, your department is agreeing to follow the above guidelines by representing Hiram College in a respectable manner, and by caring for the mascot costume. When picking up and returning the costume to the Office of Strategic Marketing, please fill out the below form.