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Celebrating Success

Hiram takes pride in celebrating the success of our students. The College utilizes a news platform called Merit Pages, where individualized stories can be shared automatically with family, local news outlets, high school guidance counselors and principals, as well as state representatives.

Hiram College Merit Page FAQ

Through Merit’s platform, personalized student stories are celebrated and shared efficiently with external resources. These achievements include making the dean’s list, graduating, achieving athletic accolades and even study-abroad experiences. Student pages are automatically created when the College shares success stories. By doing so, a personal digital portfolio is created for students to share during and beyond their academic careers, showcasing their activities, accomplishments, and more. Students are also able to customize their page with photos and extracurricular activities.

Stories are automatically shared with students, their family, their high schools, hometown newspapers, and state legislators. Through this digital newsroom, students gain a jump start on resume-building and networking.

After logging in to their personal page, students can create a custom URL for their Merit Page. They can also add a photo, connect to their LinkedIn page, and add their personal touch to their profile by including work experiences and awards. If necessary. Students can also update their name, email address, hometown and major.

Students should receive a Merit welcome message in their college email once students are enrolled. This email will include a link to their personal page along with a temporary username and password.

By visiting Hiram’s Merit Pages website, students can also sign in and follow the “forgot your password” steps to login with their Hiram email.

After your name is included in a Merit achievement, you or your family members (based on admissions documentation), high school principals and counselors, and state legislators and hometown newspapers will receive an email notification of your recognition. Recipients are then able to add messages or social media.

Merit achievements are shared based on information submitted after registering with Hiram College. Stories will be sent to your Hiram email and automatically shared with potential family email addresses if provided during your admission process. Hometowns and state legislators are determined based on the zip code given with a student’s permanent address, and high schools are informed based on information provided during their registration.

To view and make changes to your account, login to Merit and go to “My Account.” From there, click on “Privacy.”

It is important to note that students can easily block any unwanted followers. If a student prefers not to share these stories with family members associated with their registration, they can remove those email addresses from the automatic distribution by logging into their Merit account, clicking on “My Account” and then clicking “Privacy.”

Additional friends, family, mentors and coaches who wish to be notified of student achievements Hiram College publishes, can submit the Parent Email Collector form here.