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Stay involved with Hiram across our social media platforms or get involved in the fun. Share photos, host a takeover, or become an ambassador. Find your fit and join us in showing what the real Hiram is like.

Did you take a great shot of campus, have a selfie of your friends at an event, or capture a photo you think represents the real Hiram? Share your content with us here to possibly have it featured on Hiram’s Instagram page!

Student Ambassadors are the face of Hiram College across our social media platforms. They represent the real Hiram experience and showcase life as a student at Hiram in an authentic way.

Student Ambassadors are creative, comfortable being on camera, passionate about Hiram, and up to date on current social media trends. This role is flexible for students and only requires 2-3 hours a week. Students can film current social media trends if they pertain to Hiram, capture photo and video content at campus events, sports games, practices, internships, or any other experience that showcases Hiram life.


Students must be work-study eligible to apply for this position. Submit a short video showcasing past creative social media work or introduce yourself and why you would be a good fit for the role. Email applications to

Are you an energetic and active member of Hiram’s campus? Do you have an internship, research project, club event, or other interest you’d like the Hiram community to know more about? Sign up to host a social media takeover on the Hiram College Instagram Stories!

Tips & Guidelines For Your Takeover


  • Introduce yourself and any important information like your graduation year, hometown, and majors and minors. If you are representing a club, sports team, or event, be sure to give some background as well.
  • Try to keep the total story from 1-3 minutes to keep the audience engaged.
  • Post engaging and informative content that relates to what you are trying to feature.
  • Don’t be afraid to include polls, stickers, and other interactive features if they are relevant to your takeover.
  • Wrap-up your takeover with a farewell and a shoutout to the other Hiram social media accounts


  • Partying/Drinking
  • Anything Illegal or violating Hiram College policies
  • Hate speech or bullying
  • Political content
  • Commercial content
  • Anything in violation of FERPA, HIPPA, or NCAC.