Hiram College

Using Hiram's approved colors and typography provides a unifying way to communicate across various mediums. These standards are to be followed closely and consistently.


Three distinctive typeface families make up Hiram’s visual brand identity: Andada, Minion Pro and Frutiger. Use these fonts throughout Hiram communication methods.

Andada and Minion Pro are a serif face.

Frutiger is a sans-serif typeface.

Hiram Fonts

Arial and Times New Roman are acceptable typefaces when the Hiram branded fonts are not available. These are to be used sparingly.

Please Note

For access to or questions about licensed font usage, please contact our office for more information.


Primary Colors

Hiram College’s official colors are blue and red. Please use the specifications to the right when replicating our colors for print and web. In most cases, use the Hiram Blue as the predominant color. Using red predominantly tends to evoke an overly bold representation, though it may be appropriate in some cases. When using the colors blue and red together, a good guideline is 70/30, with blue being predominant. This is flexible.

PMS: 654
CMYK: 100 87 33 23
RGB: 0 61 121
HEX: #003d79
Hiram Blue
PMS: 1955
CMYK: 26 100 65 31
RGB: 195 29 44
HEX: #c31d2c
Hiram Red
CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 255 255 255
HEX: #ffffff

Secondary Colors

Use light blue, gray, turquoise and orange sparingly as secondary colors. Please use the specifications when replicating our colors for print.

PMS: 278
CMYK: 42 17 0 0
RGB: 141 185 229
HEX: #8db9e5
Light Blue
PMS: 424
CMYK: 59 48 48 15
RGB: 108 111 112 
HEX: #6c6f70
PMS: 3275
CMYK: 80 0 47 0
RGB: 0 181 162
PMS: 165
CMYK: 0 74 94 0
RGB: 242 104 42