Brand Guidelines

The Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations serves as the main point of contact for all branding and marketing resources for the College. These resources and guidelines are an effort to aid in positioning Hiram College as an educational leader. From writing style to logo usage, maintaining a consistent style guide for all audiences is our constant goal. This is Hiram.

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THis is Hiram

Find Your Power

Your possibilities are whatever you make happen. You’ll know for certain you have the power to do anything you set your mind to.

Create Your Own Path

Hiram has your back, so experiment, take risks, try new things, push your boundaries, go beyond your comfort zone.

Come Get Involved

Hiram is like no other college because we believe intelligence and information need elbow grease and ethics to make you your best self.

Become Your Best Self

Hiram values what you bring to the table, no matter who you are. We gather a diverse group of students together to help each of them become more informed, curious, purposeful, and employable.

Maintaining Hiram’s visual identity is vital to protecting the integrity of its public image. By using the Hiram College logo correctly at all times – in situations and materials – you help ensure Hiram College’s image is strong, uniform and consistently recognizable.


Do not attempt to re-create this artwork. Never alter the logo(s) in any manner. If you have trouble determining color usage or have questions please contact the Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations.

The Hiram College Seal is reserved for formal purposes only. Using the seal is restricted to official materials, i.e., diplomas, transcripts and other institutional documents. With approval, it may be used in special situations to communicate a sense of the College’s history. Contact the Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations for approval.

Using Hiram’s approved colors and typography provides a unifying way to communicate across various mediums. These standards are to be followed closely and consistently.

Three distinctive typeface families make up Hiram’s visual brand identity: Poppins and IvyPresto. Arial and Times New Roman are acceptable typefaces when the Hiram branded fonts are not available.

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Produced by the Office of Communications and the Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations, the Hiram College Style Guide is one of many resources available to assist you in preparing electronic and printed communications. Consulting the Hiram College Style Guide will enable you to produce effective, accurate and consistent copy for all college communications.

View the Hiram College Style Guide

Email is official College correspondence and should reflect a professional, consistent appearance. To ensure brand standards, use the email signature that adheres to the following guidelines.

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