Housing FAQs

Image: Students in the residence halls


If you are a student with a disability or special need, contact Dr. Feisthamel, Director of Counseling, Health and Disability Services, at FeisthamelKP@hiram.edu or by calling 330.569.5418.  All accommodation requests relating to a disability must have current supporting documentation from an appropriate professional.  The request must contain a diagnosis, current functional limitations of the disability or condition in a community living environment, and suggested recommendations for environmental modification. When this information has been reviewed, the Coordinator of Student Disability Services will provide the Residence Life Office with housing recommendations. Required paperwork must be received before housing sign-ups.

No, the rising senior with the better lottery number would pull in the rising sophomore roommate with the lower lottery number.

East Hall and the Townhouses will use separate housing applications. Applicants will be notified prior to room selection if they have been approved to live in East Hall or the Townhouses. Applications will be available online in mid- March 2023. Applicants will be notified at the end of March, 2023 with a decision on their applications.

You may not sign up for a double room without a roommate. You may still contract with us, however, you will not be placed in a room until you have been paired with a roommate.

You will have to forfeit your room unless you find another roommate to pull in, filling the room to capacity. You will be added to the “no roommate” list of students who need rooms. All unassigned students will receive a room assignment during the summer.

If you are at the point of student teaching, you have met the minimum 90 credit hours needed to be released from housing. You may choose to move off campus, however, you must submit a Student Withdrawal from Housing Application. Please contact the Residential Education and Commuter Services Office for the link to this form. If you desire to return to campus after you have completed your student teaching this is an option.

A separate application for summer housing will be available. Summer housing locations are still being decided. Applications will be available online in April, 2023. If you are interested in being a Summer RA, please mark the appropriate box on the Summer Housing Application. An additional application may be required to apply as a Summer RA. Additional information regarding summer housing will be available on the Summer Housing Contract.

Students who will have achieved a senior status (at least 90 credits) by the end of the spring semester may request an exemption. Please contact the Residential Education office to inquire about the process for moving off-campus. There is a withdrawal process you must go through to avoid being charged for room and board.