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Image: Hiram College commencement ceremony

Events at Hiram

Events and Conferencing at Hiram College offers on-site, logistical planning and support to event organizers as well as meeting space on our historic campus. Events and Conferencing staff take care in ensuring your event is coordinated to meet your unique needs. The Office of Events and Conferencing can provide you with the space and support for a wide variety of events, from single-day gatherings to multi-day events.

The Office of Events and Conferencing has helped coordinate a wide variety of events for organizations outside of Hiram College, including football camps, conferences, religious events, retreats, weddings and much more. Events and Conferencing also supports Hiram’s internal events, such as Alumni Weekend, Commencement, student-run activities and Hiram departmental meetings.

The Hiram College campus has several spaces available for events and conferences. These spaces are available to external organizations as well as Hiram student, faculty and staff groups


Kennedy Center

A beautiful ballroom that includes a stage and an eye-catching chandelier. This room can be used in its entirety or sectioned off for more intimate event spaces. The KC Ballroom has been used for formal celebrations, meetings of the College’s advisory boards and more. Located on the second floor of the Kennedy Center, this room is accessible via elevator.

Dix Dining Hall

A gathering space for mid-sized events, often used for community gatherings, lunch and dinner meetings, and student events. This space is not only suited for fun events but also for meetings and presentations. Located on the second floor of the Kennedy Center, this room is accessible via elevator.  

Brown Fall Room

A quiet meeting space in the corner of the Kennedy Center on the 2nd floor. This room is often used for training exercises, meetings and presentations with small groups.

Hayden Auditorium

Hiram College’s grand auditorium, equipped with a large stage and plush, floor-length curtains. The ornate architecture of the large windows on either side of Hayden Auditorium gives the space an historic and theatrical feel. This room is perfect for large meetings, guest speakers and award ceremonies.

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Events held are catered in-house by AVI Services.