Identification Card

Image: Hiram Campus, Oliver Plaza


Your Hiram College ID card shows the world you are enrolled as a Hiram College student. It has many uses, and we encourage you to keep your card on you at all times.

Your Hiram ID

Your Hiram ID is designed to provide many services:

  • access to residence halls (for residential student)
  • access to dining facilities
  • bookstore
  • access to Library
  • access to other locked areas if permitted

The first ID is free to all students. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Office of Campus Safety in person or by phone 330.569.5110 during business hours.  Students losing their ID card will be issued a temporary card for 48 hours from Campus Safety or the Welcome Center.  If the temporary card is not returned within 48 hours, the temporary card, and original card will be disabled.  A new ID will be automatically made to replace the other card.  The student will be billed $25 for the new ID, and $25 for the non-returned temporary ID replacement (added to student bill).  The $25 for the ID replacement is non-refundable, even if the original ID card is eventually found. Those who present the ID card that has clearly broken through normal wear and tear or whose chip/magnetic strip no longer functions will be issued a new card at no charge, so long as the previous ID is forfeited.

Your ID card is not transferable and any misuse, alteration or fabrication of the ID card will subject the holder to disciplinary action by the College. Your ID card is to remain in your possession at all times and must not be given to another person except for authorized College officials; ID Cards must be presented upon request of any College official, Residential Education staff member, or law enforcement officer.

Do not affix stickers or other items to your ID card.  Do not punch a hole in your card.  To extend the life of your card, please handle it carefully.  Do not use it as a tool (i.e., do not scrape ice from your windshield with it).  Store your card in a protective sleeve or wallet.  Do not store your card with keys or other items that could scratch or bend the card. Do not place your ID Card on any magnets or near the speaker portion of any electronic device, this could deactivate the magnetic strip and lead to a replacement fee.