Severe Weather Awareness

Image: Hiram Campus, Oliver Plaza

Severe weather can happen at any time. To help you prepare, Hiram’s Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) has compiled some information on severe weather and safety tips. The information provided below is a reminder of what to do in the event of an actual tornado emergency. 

What is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning? 

A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes to occur. You should be ready to move to a safe place. A tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted or indicated on weather radar. You should take action and move to a safe place. Hiram College will issue a text and email alert for tornado warnings only. 

If Hiram is placed under a tornado watch, here is what you should do: 

  • Don’t panic. A tornado watch means that a tornado could form in or near the watch area. It does not mean that a tornado has formed. 
  • Pay attention to the weather. Make sure you have a way to receive information about a tornado warning if one is issued.
  • Make sure your mobile devices are charged should a storm knock out electricity.
  • Tell others about the tornado watch.
  • Be prepared to go to a campus tornado shelter if a warning is issued. 

While tornado watches are generally issued for a large area and include several counties, tornado warnings are issued for a small area. If Hiram is included in a tornado warning, it means a tornado has been seen or indicated on weather radar. Here is what you should do:

  • Immediately go to the nearest designated tornado shelter. 
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • Be prepared to assist visitors/guests in locating the nearest shelter.
  • Do not leave the shelter until you hear an all-clear signal or are directed to do so by college officials.
  • Be available to assist emergency personnel.  

Campus Tornado Shelters

Bancroft HouseBasement stairs/rear room
Bates HallOutside costume shop/stairs nearest service center
Bonney CastleBasement (outside rear building)
Booth/Centennial HallsBasement hallways for each building
Bowler Hall1st floor hallway & kitchenette
Buckingham PlaceBasement
Central Services1st floor conference room
ChapelBasement (outside)
Coleman Sports CenterTunnel or locker rooms between Price & Fleming Gums
Colton Turner HallBasement hallway
Dining HallFood court, Kitchen, Hallways, Restrooms
East Hall1st floor, back hallway/suites-bathrooms
Field StationWildlife research hallway and rooms 121 & 133
Frohring ArtMen’s and Women’s 1st floor restrooms
Frohring Music Hall1st Floor hallway
GelbkeGelbke Auditorium
Gerstacker HallBasement hallway
Health CenterBasement of Pendleton House
Henry Hall2nd floor restrooms & lounge
Hinsdale Hall1st floor restrooms & hallways outside offices
Hiram InnBasement – under front stairwell
Jessie Smith HouseBasement off center room
Kennedy CenterGround floor – game room
Koritansky HallBasement
LibraryBasement (outside media center and restrooms)
Mahan HouseBasement stairs off 1st floor bathroom
Miller Hall1st floor computer lounge & 2nd floor restrooms/lounge
Pendleton HouseBasement (entrance off kitchen)
Quad HallPeckham – basement hallway
Teachout Price HallBasement – section behind Business Office/Computer Center
Townhouses1st floor restroom
Whitcomb Hall1st floor computer lounge & 2nd floor