Hiram College

Hours: 8 AM-5 PM M-F (Fall and Spring semester) *Summer hours may vary

Hiram College offers IT Helpdesk services to those with account, computer, or other Hiram-related issues.

Dray Technology Center IT Helpdesk provides complimentary services to our students including:

  • Account management through Dray Password Manager
  • Free Office suite download through all Office 365 account
  • Malware removal and protection
  • Dell discount through Hiram College
  • Apogee supports the Residential Network

Email: helpdesk@hiram.edu

Phone: 330.569.5313

Website: Helpdesk.hiram.edu

Location: Dray Technology Center, lower-level of Teachout-Price


Students can visit our website at Helpdesk.hiram.edu as an additional resource, which includes informational pages and documentation for assistance troubleshooting common issues.