Hiram College

Classes are out (for the most part), but many of our students are spending their summer (or part of it) at Hiram. From camps to internships to summer jobs, students have many opportunities for engagement over the summer. From time to time, we will showcase the work these students are doing. See more “snapshots of summer” here.

YOUTH ART CAMPS: A year before she graduates, Melanie Hunt ’12, is getting the chance to do what she one day hopes to do for a living: teach.

This summer, she is one of about thirty students interning with the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station. As part of that, she got to help out with youth art camps last week, and will be independently teaching preschoolers at nature camps at the end of June and July.

Science and art are quite different subjects, but both are important for someone getting a licensure in early childhood education, like Hunt is.

“When I’ll have my own classroom, I’ll have to teach everything,” she said. “A big part with younger students is sensory activities, so art is important.”

Last week, Hunt assisted art teacher Libby Frato-Sweeney with three different age groups, ranging from age three to fifth grade. Frato-Sweeney did most of the teaching, but Hunt was there to give the young campers guidance.

“If the kids can’t draw something, I’ll draw something,” she said. “It’s really helping them become more competent about what they can do. Some kids might think they can’t do art well – it’s my job to help them find their place in the camp.”

For the upcoming nature camps, Hunt has been working on developing rough lesson plans for the preschoolers – choosing a theme for the week, and incorporating that theme into a daily snack, literacy activity, music activity and art activity.

Hunt said this experience has been great for exposing her to all the different age groups she may end up teaching some day.

“I don’t have a preference (in the age group I teach),” she said. “I think they all have different benefits.  (The camps are) a chance to get all the things I like from different age groups.”