Hiram College

The winner of the Surprise Special Topic Writing Contest on Winter Woe, hosted by the Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature, is Gracie D’Angelo ’12 for her poem, “Walking to Plant Biology Class After the Snow Had Finally Melted.” D’Angelo received $50 and was judged by Kaldur Ber Kroppurson, an esteemed Icelandic writer from Bolungarvik.

Kroppurson resides seasonally in Cleveland and is the author of the epic, “Landmannalaugar Elskhugi.”

“Something in the hopeful tone of “Walking to Plant Biology Class After the Snow Had Finally Melted” spoke to me of that distinctive Hiram mix—one part intellectual, one part epicurean, one part staunch survivor of blackouts, ice-storms and too many snow days. The thought of giggling biologists, comparing blue coats to blue phloem and thinking they had heard “winters last small cry” reminded me of the never ending optimism of undergraduates, who are like the reindeer living in the shadow of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, certain its ashes are done falling for the season,” Kroppurson said of D’Angelo’s poem.

Honorable Mentions include Alex Gardner ’11, “Cascade Valley, Akron, OH;” Sarah Pavolko ’12, “Missing Congressman’s Body Found on Country Road;” and Joseph Randolph ’13, “January 30 (The Day of Suadade).”

Congratulations to all and thank you to those who entered the contest.