Hiram College

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

This is one of those weeks when meteorologists in Northeast Ohio can legitimately claim to have one of the most interesting jobs in the industry. They have predicted, and time will tell if they are right, that we will experience just about every weather pattern this part of the world could imagine seeing in early-to-midwinter: sun, clouds, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and temperatures that vary by 50 degrees or so. Speaking of severe weather, please check your texts or Hiram email for weather-related messages we may need to send this season.

The extreme weather has played a bit of havoc in some of the residence halls this week. Throughout the last several days, Ed Frato-Sweeney, Sam Wise of GCA Services Group, and their respective teams acted quickly to mitigate the weather-related problems that arose. I appreciate all that they did into the wee hours of the morning to address the issues. I also thank the affected students for their patience as we continue to pool our resources and get things back to normal as quickly as circumstances allow.

As we all get back into the academic swing of things, this will likely be the perfect few days to stay close to Hiram and participate in any number of social and educational events. I hope new students and returners alike will walk over to the Kennedy Center tonight to participate in the winter’s first Bread and Soup night—a tradition that has been in place at Hiram since 1983. For the next seven Thursday nights, students, faculty, staff, and community members will come together in fellowship to enjoy a simple bread and soup meal. Proceeds from the meals support our Sugar Day program that is organized to assist community members who face food scarcity issues.

If the weather forecast holds, put on your Vasque boots and trek on down to the Coleman Center on Saturday at 2 p.m. to cheer our men’s basketball team on to a victory over Kenyon and celebrate Faculty Appreciation Day with the team. The Terriers have won a whopping seven of their most recent eight games! Then, on Sunday, get a jump-start on homework so that you can spend Monday participating in Martin Luther King Jr. Day events. The week opens with a viewing and discussion of the film A Day in Black and White from 2-4 p.m. in Dix Dining Hall. Times and details of other events part of Hiram’s 2018 MLK Celebration can be found here.

I know our recent weather was not a hospitable welcome back for those of you who were gone over break, but I hope that there are enough warm smiles on rested faces to brighten all of our days. Hiram winters can be cold and dreary at times, but we can make them so much warmer by how we greet and treat each other.

Your president,


Lori Varlotta