Hiram College

Of course, Alumni Weekend is all about reunions and reconnecting and revisiting old friends. But let’s be honest. It’s also all about the food. AVI went above and beyond providing scrumptious meals for us, but they’re not alone. Our own alumna and local chef Anne Haynam ’88 not only fed the hikers at the morning’s Trail Mix gathering at the Field Station, she also prepared a grilling extravagance for lunch, accompanied by Jim Scher ’88 and his story (and samples) of his Pepper Mustard.

Anne talked about grilling, preparing meats for the grill, and proper marinating and/or brining of meat and fish before cooking. Oh, that was after she’d fed everyone a variety of appetizer pizzas from the grill.

While Anne worked at the grill, Jim and his wife shared stories of their entrepreneurial excursions with Pepper Mustard (www.unclejimsstore.com) – and passed out more samples. Sausage with mustard. Crackers with mustard. Little cups of mustard a cappella.

There’s always so much to learn (not to mention eat) when Anne’s cooking, but one of my favorites was grilling a side of salmon on a bed of lemons. THAT is something I’m going to be trying at home… in the very near future. Plus I really loved her ginger and bourbon barbeque sauce. And I want some of that mustard, too. It’s a good thing we all left the meal with booklets in hand, complete with recipes.