The winter 2020 issue of the Hiram Magazine–a magazine for alumni and friends of the College– is now available!  

Highlights from this issue:  

Success is a long-standing hallmark of Hiram graduates. Follow the stories of six alumni who serve as wonderful prototypes of liberal arts graduates and have charted highly successful––albeit non-linear––paths to success. Some of them took journeys over roads less traveled, while others took a few detours along the way. All of them, though, hit meaningful milestones that ultimately marked the way toward exciting destinations.  

Read about Hiram’s new podcast studio! Well and alive for many years, the College’s former Bark Radio Station saw cosmetic and technological enhancements to support 21stcentury teaching and learning in spring 2019. Experience the podcasts first-hand by following the simple instructions included in the article!  

Learn more about Hiram’s new performing arts major, a program designed to cultivate future artists and art leaders by deeply engaging current students in the expressive fields of dramatic arts, music, performance management, design, tech, and dance.  

The Observation Building Pond at the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station has again become home to a pair of trumpeter swans. Read about how the pair was raised at the Field Station and cast your vote on your favorite names for them. Details on how to vote are inside this issue. 

Also see pictures from Alumni Weekend 2019, learn about the updates happening across campus as part of Vision 20/20, read about the accomplishments of Hiram faculty, and much more.   

Read the entire issue.

by Jenelle Bayus

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