Hiram College

The Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship held the second annual ideablitz! competition, on Wednesday, November 3, at 5 p.m. in the Forum.

Entrepreneurial presentations were given by the following individuals:

John Kesegich ‘14- “The Teethbrush, changing the way we brush”

Jessica Fross  ‘11- “Raising the Bar, a humanitarian recycling program”

Allison Steele ‘12- “Blood Monitor, for early disease detection”

Artel Moreira ‘13  and Simone Gabriela ‘13- “GM, mail delivery services in Cape Verde”

John Jordan (WEC)- “Push Pals, to make the stroller more manageable”

Michelle Rosenbaum ‘13- “Game Play, a store with a competitive mindset”

Karen Ising ‘11- “Campus Essentials, reducing the waste stream on campuses”

Corey Trusso ‘12- “College Silk Screen, providing wearable art”

Caitlyn Ruese ‘11- “HomeCare, interactive assistance for the home care giver”

Nana Kwamena Takyi-Micah ‘14- “Prostyles, looking good without looking foolish”

Lisa Bartlette- “Sweet Abandon, helping recovery in the Ukraine”

Students had three minutes to “pitch” their ideas to a panel of judges. Judges were Jennifer (Godwin) McCarty, Senior Account Executive JWT Action; George Rose, Hiram Faculty, retired; Brad Myers, CEO PeopleKeys.

The first place winner receiving $250 in cash was Lisa Bartelle, second place winners receiving each $100 in cash were Karen Ising and John Jordan, and third place winners receiving each $50 in cash were Caitlyn Ruese, Alison Steele and Artel Moreira accompanied by Simone Gabriela.

All participants received a certificate of participation and will be matched up with a mentor to help further develop their idea with the objective of competing in ideabuild in March 2011, where the top prize is $3500.

For additional information about the competition, visit the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship’s web site or contact Bill Fillner, 330.569.5480, fillnerwe@hiram.edu