Hiram College

Pop culture often represents Frankenstein’s monsters as an inarticulate green creature with bolts in his neck. But is there something to learn from Mary Shelley’s original creation 200 years after publication?

Themes from the story of Frankenstein such as science versus ethics, fear of the other, and the need for social connection remain compelling and relevant in today’s technological society. For the 2018-19 school year, Hiram’s Committee on Ethics and Values selected “Ethics and Technology” as the interdisciplinary ethics theme, using the novel as a way to initiate discussion among first-year students. In alignment, the Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature developed a community reading program which offered entertaining and educational ways to think about the novel’s monster and the modern technological conundrums its story has influenced.

Rick Jackson of IdeaStream’s The Sound of Ideas sat down with Kirsten Parkinson, Ph.D., director of the Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature, and Nick Hirsch, Ph.D., director of the school of science & technology and associate professor of biology at Hiram College to discuss the underlying messages of the novel.

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