Hiram College

Dear faculty, staff, students and friends:

varlottaGiven today’s date, this was a hard note to write. As 9-11 stands prominently in the minds of people near and far, I felt the need to acknowledge the pause that so many feel each year when this day begins. I use that pause to do something small but personal – a call to a friend with whom I have been out of touch, a compliment to a family member, a note to a colleague. I suspect many of you have your own rituals as well. As we go about our thoughts and rituals today, perhaps we can find some satisfaction and joy in both the extraordinary and ordinary things that happen here at our college.

In terms of the ordinary, I experienced many “firsts” last week: I co-chaired my first College Executive Steering Committee meeting and attended my first College Life Steering Committee and faculty meetings. Each of those gave me yet another perspective on the culture of Hiram, and I am pleased to be getting a better and better “feel of things” with each special and routine thing that I do.

Speaking of the special, I enjoyed Friday night’s opening of Jack Carlton’s exhibit “Days to Decades: A Retrospective” at Gelbke. If you have not yet been down there to see this fascinating collection of work, I strongly encourage you to take a break and check it out. On Saturday, I cheered on the football team (I must admit, from the comfort of the Harbert House) as they came back from behind to beat Westminster in the last minutes of the game. I spent much of Sunday getting my own exercise in, as I ran the hills around Hiram.

The week’s activities were a bit symbolic of Hiram: an eclectic mix of routine and special activities that had a little something for and told a little something about “everyone.”

Your president,

Lori E. Varlotta