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More than 60 Hiram College students spent their 3-Week overseas: in Bhutan, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Since we last updated you, all students have returned home. Here are some updates from their last few days overseas:

From the United Kingdom:

Blog by student Christine Kindel

Photos by student Kaylyn Gamertsfelder Bass and Professor Paul Gaffney



Well, our journey is coming to a close. We have done a lot and seen a lot and had some life changing experiences. In this last week, I got the opportunity to see some amazing performances, and I even got pulled up to dance on the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe! And I know that we have all learned a lot. We learned that even when a city seems to overwhelm you, if you use your wits and are willing to wander a little, you’ll always find what you are looking for. We learned that Shakespeare is a connection that millions around the world share.

portraitMaybe some of you cannot understand the draw of a trip solely for the purpose of studying a playwright who lived 450 years ago. And yes, Shakespeare is complicated. But that is part of his value. His plays demand our best. We must approach them with a willingness to face the raw emotions and harsh realities of our world. But in return we are rewarded with a beauty that causes people from all over the world to come to a little house in the middle of Stratford to look at the place where the bard lived.

Shakespeare was willing to confront the dissonance of a changing England. And in return, we have embraced change for ourselves by traveling to three different countries: England, Scotland, and Wales and trying as many new things as we could. We have watched plays as groundings, tried haggis, (ok well, I didn’t), climbed mountains, and explored castles to see some amazing views. This trip will be forever engraved in our hearts and our minds.

But now our bags are packed (mostly). We have one night to spend together as the little family we have created together. All that’s left is to share some food, laughs and ice cream. America in the morning, but for right now, all our thoughts are English.


From Australia

Photos by students Rachel Buchleitner and Samantha Hughes





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