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More than 60 Hiram College students are spending their 3-Week overseas: in Bhutan, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Students and professors studying in Australia and the United Kingdom have been sharing their travels with us. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

(The Bhutan trip is a pilgrimage, and the students and professors have little Internet access to connect with us. We will share photos from their trip upon their return.)

From Australia:

Photos by Assistant Professor of Psychology Amber Chenoweth:

4/25/14: Today is ANZAC Day in Australia. We were honored to be able to attend the Dawn Service at the Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA) this morning, followed by the ANZAC March at the Australian War Memorial. The March was also attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! After we had a chance to go up Mt. Ainslie and have a spectacular view of the capital.


My fleeting glimpse of royalty:


4/26/14: Today whilst in Canberra we visited the National Museum. They have so many wonderful exhibits – here is just a taste.


We also visited the Australian War Memorial and observed the Last Post ceremony. We put poppies in remembrance of those who have died in service to the country.


4/27/14: Today whilst in Canberra, Australia’s national capital, we took a tour of Parliament House, the Museum of Democracy, and the National Gallery.


Left: Chamber where the House of Representatives meets. Right: Chamber where the Senate meets. The emu and kangaroo from the coat of arms were purposely positioned to watch over the majority and opposition parties, respectively, whilst the senators are in session.

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We may be able to take the students out of Ohio, but can’t take the Ohio out of the students! This picture was taken on the roof of the Parliament House.


4/30: Our visit to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve on our last day in Canberra.


And from student Job Fields, a “kangaroo selfie”:


From England:

Photos and Blog by student Kaylyn Gamertsfelder Bass:



I10154540_10152055670176272_4598424444509382449_nt took a van, two planes, a ride on the underground and several trains to get here, but 22 Hiram students have made it to England. We spent our first two days in Chester, one of the oldest cities in the UK. It was our first look at the country that would be our home for the next three weeks, and it seemed fitting that we got to walk around a Tudor style city that still looks much like it would have in Shakespeare’s day.

From Chester,  we traveled to Wilderhope Manor, a historic country home preserved by the National Trust that doubles as a hostel. We spent a lot of time discussing the “green world” featured in “As You Like It,”  living in the same kind of secluded environment that Rosalind, Orlando and the other exiles in the Forest of Arden experience throughout the play. Our first night there, Paul and Rick (professors) challenged us to go on a silent hike. It forced us to listen much more closely to the world around us, and none of us, not even the professors, could have imagined the result. As we walked past a pasture of sheep, we noticed that several of them sounded distressed. On further investigation,  we saw that a young lamb had managed to escape the enclosure, and was stuck between the fence and a row of bushes that grew next to it. The lamb seemed to realize its mistake, but the thorny, narrow path between the fence and the bushes made it impossible for it to get back to its parents (who were very vocal about their concern). Without a word, we orchestrated a rescue plan for the poor little lamb. People pushed past thorns to block the lamb’s path, keeping it contained long enough for Paul Gaffney to catch it and place it on the other side of the fence with its family where it belonged. Rick was right about silence; without the distraction of conversation, we can observe so much more of the world around us. Had we been taking, who knows if we would have noticed the lamb?

This morning,  we arrived in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace. Walking down the streets, it’s hard to forget the history of this place; our hotel is on Hamlet Street, and we passed shops with names like Cordelia’s, Iago Jewelry and Much Ado About Toys. Later in the evening,  we went to see “Henry IV Part I,” and tomorrow we’ll head to the same theater for Part II. We’re here for another two days, and later this week we head to London to visit the Globe Theater. I can’t wait to see what else England has in store!

Photos by student Kayla Reardon:



Spent the past two days exploring the countryside of England. Stayed in a gorgeous manor and hiked. Just arrived in Stratford and walking the streets that Shakespeare once walked.


10306774_10203849306498157_4564168392515452555_n 10152647_10203849307498182_4336981814276016089_n

Today I toured Shakespeare’s house and went to his grave. Absolutely amazing.


Experienced a traditional English afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones, and many pastries. So delicious!

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