Hiram College

Hiram College is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Vasque division of Red Wing Shoes. As an exciting extension to the emerging Tech and Trek™ program every 2017 full-time traditional college student will receive a top-end pair of hiking boots. A partial corporate gift from Red Wing Shoes plus private donor support will fund the boots. Hiram takes seriously its mission to prepare students academically, socially, and technologically for the world in which they will live and work said, Lori Varlotta, Ph.D., president of Hiram College. Hiram is proud to be the first four-year higher education institution in Ohio to introduce an Apple mobile education initiative of this kind.

The Tech and Trek™ program merges classroom and experiential learning with 21st century mobile technology by issuing an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and keyboard bundle to each of its full-time traditional college students, faculty and staff. The hiking boots complete the Trek part of the picture.

“We’re honored to join forces with Apple in promoting mindful use of technology™ while learning about the world around us,” said Joe Peters, head of marketing, Vasque Footwear.

“At Hiram, learning extends far beyond the campus as students participate in internships, field research, service projects, and study-away trips” noted Varlotta. “Through Tech and Trek™, we will challenge the notion that an increased use of technology inevitably leads to a sedentary life where students are detached from the real world around them. Tech and Trek™ will promote the ‘mindful use’ of technology™ by teaching  students how to critically and creatively use the iPad Pro as a learning tool. This learning tool will also help Hiram students to embrace, celebrate and care for the beautiful environments that surround the campus and those they visit during experiential activities elsewhere.”

Hiram’s vibrant international and domestic study-away programs, its 550-acre James H. Barrow Biological Field Station three miles from the heart of campus, and its Northwoods Field Station located at Michigan’s Upper Peninsula provide students numerous opportunities year-round to connect with myriad environments.

“We are grateful for the partners, donors and alumni who continue to make these rich opportunities possible for future generations of Hiram College students,” said Varlotta. “It is precisely these kinds of experiences that help us to redefine The New Liberal Arts™ with an eye on integrated study, high-impact experiences and mindful technology™. And as in decades past, Hiram College continues to lead the way.”