Hiram College

On Thursday, Sept. 20, students will have the day off from classes to give back to the community, in the Hiram tradition of Campus Day.

The tradition started May 20, 1921, when students helped with cleaning, planting and landscaping throughout campus. This year, students will perform service work at a variety of locations throughout Northeast Ohio.

Though they have known about the day since they arrived on campus, traditionally, the day of service was a surprise. According to the 1953 yearbook “Spider Web,” the junior class routed “sleepy Hiramites out of bed with fire drills” at 7 a.m. and that by noon that day, “elimination  of leaves, clearing of Matty’s Pond, re-banking the athletic field and distribution of wet paint signs had given the campus a new look.”

Service sites for this year’s Campus Day include the following:

  • Hiram Farm (Hiram)
  • Hiram House Camp (Chagrin Falls)
  • Renaissance Family Center (Windham)
  • King Kennedy Center (Ravenna)
  • Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary (Ravenna)
  • Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (Warren)
  • Center of Hope (Ravenna)

The Office of Civic Engagement coordinates Campus Day, and supports Hiram’s commitment to developing socially responsible and ethical citizens.