Hiram College

Hiram College students are more likely than students at other colleges and universities to make a class presentation, work with faculty members on research projects, and discuss career plans with faculty members according to the most recent national survey administered by the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Each year NSSE asks students to reflect on the time they devote to various learning activities. The goal of the survey is to provide colleges and universities with diagnostic, actionable information that can be used to improve undergraduate education. More than 330,000 students participated in the survey from 640 institutions.

Compared to other institutions of comparable size and character to Hiram, and against the total group of respondents, Hiram students were:

  • More satisfied than students in our comparison groups with how their Hiram experience has contributed to their ability write clearly and effectively.
  • More likely to work on a research project with a faculty member outside of course or program requirements.
  • More likely to have discussed course readings with faculty outside of class and received prompt feedback from faculty on academic performance.

Additionally, 90% of Hiram students surveyed were satisfied with their overall education experience and 90% believe that the institution has a substantial commitment to their academic success.

“We learn a great deal about our students’ perceptions through participation in the NSSE survey,” said Hiram College President Tom Chema. “It’s also reassuring to see that our students are having a satisfying experience and feel prepared for life after Hiram.”