Hiram College

Two Hiram College students presented their research at the American Physical Society, Ohio Region, 2013 Spring Meeting held at Ohio University on March 29 and 30, 2013. The presentations were as follows:

  • Michael Mroz ’13, a physics major, presented a poster (co-authored with Mark Taylor, associate professor of physics)  entitled “Phase transitions and helix formation of a fused square-well-sphere chain.”
  • David Klecyngier ’13, a chemistry major and physics minor, presented a poster (co-authored with Jim Kercher, assistant professor of chemistry) entitled: “Controlling ionic dissociation with isotopic labeling.”

In addition to these student presentations, associate professor of physics Mark Taylor presented a poster (co-authored with Yuting Ye ’13 and Phie Phyo Aung ’12) entitled “Solvation potentials and partition function zeros for a polymer chain.”

This was an opportunity for the students to present their work to a diverse audience of physicists in a professional setting. Although the theme of this meeting was “From quarks to superclusters: Physics of the very big and the very small,” a wide range of research areas were represented in the contributed talks and posters.

The work of Klecyngier and Kercher was funded by Kercher’s research grant from the American Chemical Society, Petroleum Research Fund. The work of Mroz , Taylor, Ye and Aung was funded by Taylor’s research grants from the National Science Foundation, Division of Material Research.

Students Katherine Starr ’15 and Su Latt ’15 and physics professor Laura Van Wormer (who is currently secretary of the Ohio Section of the APS) also attended the meeting.