Hiram College

Nine computer science students spent their Spring 3-Week developing computer games in a course new to Hiram.

Taught by Louis Oliphant, assistant professor of computer science, the main focus of the computer gaming class was designing and developing a side-scroller game in Java. These games are similar to simple games that might be played for leisure on the Internet.

Three groups of three students each worked together to develop the games. Oliphant said the most challenging part was conceptualizing a game simple enough that the students could build within their time and resources. Once each group came up with their concept, Oliphant taught them how to create graphics and sound for the games, and program everything to make them playable.

Anyone can play the games by accessing the course’s website.

Oliphant said this course allowed the students an opportunity to work on a large scale project, rather than multiple small ones, and it gave them experience working on a team.