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On Monday, April 28th, the College presented Student Leadership Awards for the 2007-2008 year. Any student nominated must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher and must be in good judicial standing with Hiram College. This student may not have received an Excellence in Leadership Award in the same category for the previous year. For senior leadership awards, the student must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA or higher and have graduated in either December 2007 or be eligible for graduation in May 2008. He or she must also be in good judicial standing with Hiram College. This year, we were fortunate to have several of last year’s recipients presenting awards!


Outstanding Senior Female, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Maryam Abdul-Qawyii

The Elizabeth Moore Outstanding Senior Female award is named in honor of the previous year’s recipient. It honors a graduating female student leader with exceptional leadership abilities, demonstrating dedication and commitment to his/her respective organization or committee, promoting campus and community involvement through mentoring of other leaders, and demonstrated a commitment to service on campus or in the surrounding community. Three young women were nominated this year: Maryam Abdul-Qawyyi, Dominique Godfrey, and Rachel Tomasik. This award winner is known for her involvement all over campus. She is active in Intercultural Forum, Spanish Club, African American Students United, has served as a Peer Mentor for first year students, and International Student Orientation Leader, along with being a talented dancer and poet.




Outstanding Senior Male, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Jared Drummer

Nominees are Jared Drummer, Anuj Gurung, and Petar Besalev. Of this winner, the nominator writes that he is willing to listen to both sides of problems and always tries to act in the best interest of the college and the students he represents. He has served as a member of the swim team, men’s golf team, Student Senate President, and Vice President of Finance for Student Senate. This award is named in honor of the previous year’s recipient. It honors a graduating male student leader with exceptional leadership abilities, demonstrating dedication and commitment to his/her respective organization or committee, promoting campus and community involvement through mentoring of other leaders, and demonstrated a commitment to service on campus or in the surrounding community.




Resident Assistant of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Lori Singer, The Quad

Resident Assistant of the Year award honors an individual who has served as an outstanding role model to residents and has upheld the ideals and values of the Department of Residential Education and Hiram College by promoting a positive learning environment, involvement, inclusion, and a genuine commitment to residents. This year’s nominees are Danielle Schwager and Lori Singer. This recipient is known for strong programming such as a Guitar Hero tournament to more passive and caring things like leaving good luck notes during finals. Her supervisor said she never turns away a resident, no matter the time of day or circumstance.




Unsung Leader of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Leeanne Taylor, The Advance

Unsung Leader award honors an individual who has served as a quiet influence in a group or organization, demonstrating a personal commitment in time and energy to the organization and utilizes a team concept in his or her role in the organization. Nominees this year are Kristie Walter, Leeanne Taylor, Jessica Varner, Shani Bramhacharya, Andrew Bryant, Divya Balasubramanian, Benjamin Adams, Amanda Braham, James Ross, Merlisa Lewis, and Nadrienna Damaris. Her nominator states that Leeanne truly embodies this award. Aside from being editor in chief of the Advance, she has also stepped in this year as Chemistry Club President. In her role has editor, Leeanne has worked with staff members to change their content focus to community journalism. This focus has increased readership across campus and has even led to an electronic version of the newspaper.




Student Leader of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: James Ross

Student Leader of the Year Award honors a student who has demonstrated a commitment to leadership at Hiram College through campus involvement in their academic field or student activities. Student must be full-time and currently enrolled. This year, we have three nominees: Will Fugate, James Ross and Jared Drummer. Each of these students has served in high profile leadership positions: VP of Activities for Senate and KCPB, Publicity Chair and current VP of Activities for Senate, and Student Senate President respectively. While each of these young men are deserving of the award, this year’s recipient is someone who always goes above and beyond the call of duty both academically and with life outside the classroom. His nominator said that he has worked with this person for three years now and doesn’t know anyone else that would fit this title better. He goes on to say that this guy is the hardest working person since Joe Gaither. He’s a teaching assistant, active member of the Chemistry Club, and also serves as a Resident Assistant on the Hill. Aside from his involvement, he is humble, reliable and considerate.




Emerging Leader, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Joshua “B.J.” Withers

Emerging Leader Award honors an underclass student who has taken initiative and responsibility in a leadership role on campus or an upper-class student who has recently emerged as a leader in the campus community, by demonstrating initiative, determination, and dedication to their role or their organization. This year, we had a record number of nominees and they included Jon Rice, Joshua Withers, Stephanie Ratliff, Takahiro Sakita, Lauren London, Brian Wilthew, Kristen Weidus, and Tria Charnas. Of the winner, his first nominee wrote that he’s taken the initiative to be a leader and take responsibility. To be an underclassmen, Joshua has become an important member of Hiram College. His second nominator said that he has contributed his creative mind to help diversity our activities. He has been a huge help in planning and setting up our events, and has helped take charge of groups that had issues in the past.




Student Service Award, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Rachel Tomasik

The Student Service Award is given by the Hiram College Alumni Executive Board, this award honors a junior or senior student whose community service during his or her time at Hiram has surpassed what is ordinarily expected of a socially responsible citizen. Rather than academic achievement, the award recognizes exemplary service and community involvement, as those are the necessary components of a strong Alumni Association. Rachel Tomaski, this year’s nominee and winner recruited 15 Hiram College students to volunteer and tutor students at Garfield Elementary school in Garrettsville. Every week for the last year, Rachel promoted the Hiram College tutoring program with her peers and they committed their time to 10 of working with high need children in mach, science, social studies, and language arts. Rachel has continued to serve as a coordinator even though she is student teaching this semester. Her nominator says she has a great passion or serving the intellectual, social and personal needs of these children. We’re happy to present her with this award.




Organization of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Kennedy Center Programming Board

The Student Organization of the Year Award honors a organization for its success and support of student development, leadership, and campus involvement. This award recognizes the positive influence the organization has had on its members and the impact on campus life. Nominees for this award are Intercultural Forum and the Kennedy Center Programming Board. Some groups on campus wear Greek letters, some don’t wear any, and then there’s this group. They dress in black for every occasion and wear the consonants across their chest. This alone makes them sound scary, but they enjoy being official. These students spend months planning events for students on campus and are in charge of everything from casino and movie night to concerts and entertainment for hundreds. This group has increased the number of weekend programs on campus and has made a strong commitment to making sure others have fun. They work hard and make sure student activity money is used in the most efficient and honorable way.




Leader for Diversity, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Nadrienna Damaris

The Student Leader for Diversity Award honors an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to the promotion and enhancement of cultural appreciation and sensitivity on campus and has made personal initiatives to further enhance awareness of self, campus, and/or community. This year, we have two nominees, Petar Besalev and Nadrienna Damaris. This year’s recipient has been engaged in many activities. She has served as an officer in African American Students United, a peer mentor, captain of the dance team, works at the Welcome Center, and even serves as a member of Hiram’s Community Council. She has a quiet influence on others and has a strong sense of integrity, sincerity, and dedication to the community one person wrote.




New Student Organization, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Phi Kappa Chi

The New Student Organization of the Year Award honors a newly formed student organization that has had a significant impact on the campus community and its members. For purposes of this year, consideration for this award will be given to any new organization. This year’s nominee and winner is the ladies of Phi Kappa Chi. These ladies have worked all year on programs that involve the campus. They kicked off the year with a dinner fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, recruited a record number as new members, and have hosted numerous social engagements. Congratulations to these ladies for their strong involvement on campus this year.




Advisor of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Carol Shreiner, Chemistry Club

The Advisor of the Year Award honors a faculty/staff member who has made a significant contribution to the success, support, and development of a student organization or made a significant impact on the lives of the students he or she works with. This year’s nominees included Eric Riedel, Carol Schreiner, Frank Hemphill, Jeffrey Swenson, and Detra West. Three students nominated this year’s winner and say “she is exactly what they needed to become successful again. Her enthusiasm and creativity have been extremely helpful and we’re thankful for her time and energy.” The advisor of the year award goes to Carol Schriener for advising the Chemistry Club.




Most Improved Organization, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: The Advance and the Chemistry Club

The Most Improved Student Organization of the Year Award honors a student organization for its efforts in improving the organization through increased involvement of its members and on campus, significant accomplishment within the scope of the organization and significant advancement toward organizational goals. Two groups were nominated this year, the Hiram College Advance and the Chemistry Club. Each group has worked to reestablish their position on campus by getting an active advisor, increasing visibility and reaching out to their constituency. The students in Chemistry Club have organized several strong programs on campus this year including events for National Chemistry Week, which brought attention to Hiram alums with careers in Chemistry, egg dyeing, and their famous t-shirts that remark, “We do things in a lab that are illegal in your basement.” The Hiram College Advance has worked strongly with their new advisor to hone their technical writing skills while also focusing on campus news. This change in focus has increased readership and also led to an online edition of the paper. Anyone who has spent time on campus this year knows that both groups are worthy of the award, so the committee decided to do just that. Most Improved Student Organization award this year goes to the Chemistry Club and The Advance.




Program of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: KCPB, Destressfest

The Program of the Year Award honors a student initiated, campus-wide program or series, which had a significant social or educational impact on campus. This year’s nominees are KCPB, Destressfest; Bowler First Fridays, Bowler RA; Intercultural Forum, IF Dinner and Talent Show; KCPB, Price is Right; and KCPB for Springfest 2007. The winner is KCPB, Destressfest. The nominee of this program wrote that Destressfest is a reflection of great campus collaboration. This program was offered during finals during the fall 12 week and had over 200 campus participants. It began with a simple idea: give students an opportunity to relax and destress during finals. It included collaboration with other student groups and its nominator wrote that it deserves this award due to the strong collaboration, great organization, location, effective use of resources and the turnout. The awards committee agreed and it happy to present KCPB with Program of the Year for Destressfest.




Multicultural Program of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Intercultural Forum, Dinner & Talent Show

The Multicultural Program of the Year Award honors a student, organization, or combination of campus constituents for providing a program that promoted greater multicultural understanding and appreciation on Hiram’s campus. The program demonstrated a commitment to the promotion and enhancement of cultural appreciation and sensitivity while reaching a diverse audience. This year our nominee and winner is Intercultural Forum for their annual Dinner and Talent Show. The nominator thought this was a program that promoted strong cultural awareness and understanding through song, dance and food.




Outstanding Service Project by an Organization, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: Hiram College Elementary Tutoring

The Outstanding Community Service Project by an Organization Award recognizes a one-time project or an ongoing project by an organization that had an impact on the community or campus through the enhancement of the campus or surrounding community, enhancement of individual members in the organization, and enhancement of the organization through the project. Hiram College Elementary Tutoring was chosen to be honored with this award. This program is advised by Frank Hemphill and involves Hiram College Students tutoring elementary aged students at Garfield Elementary School in Garrettsville. Congratulations on this award.




Residence Hall Program of the Year, 2007-2008

This year’s winner: The Quad Pizza Contest

Three programs were nominated this year and they include Fenton Friday Nights in Booth Centennial, Bowler First Fridays, and the Quad Pizza Contest. This contest lets students sample pizza from five local businesses, for free. The all hall program was open to every student in Hiram. The program began at 11 p.m. and kept students munching on pizza until the wee hours of the morning. This year, we’re happy to present the Hall Program of the Year award to the Quad for their 7th annual pizza contest.





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  • M. James Ross
  • Daniel Safko
  • Takahiro Sakita
  • Sarah Schoenhagen
  • Danielle Schwager
  • Gary Sheplavy
  • Lori Singer
  • Kayleigh Sopko
  • Kevin Tolbert
  • Joseph Trela
  • Shalynn Twining
  • Jessica Varner
  • Krystle Vaughn
  • Kristen Weidus
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