Hiram College

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

Though piles of snow defy the fact that March ushers in the spring season in just a few days, some telltale signs of Hiram’s spring semester assure us that the season is upon us. I’d like all of us to share with others the stories, photos, videos, and essays that capture just some of the many things that occur during our spring semester. So please…push out news on spring break activities, capstone presentations, Habitat trips, athletic contests, or the upcoming Sugar Day, Spring Fest, and Hiram HealthFest. Spring, the time of college visits and National College Decision Day, is the perfect part of the year to give some shout-outs about all that’s in bloom at Hiram College.

Here is why I make this request at this moment in time.

A review of this week’s admission report shows some very promising news about enrollment. Compared to years past, our current deposit numbers are high; in fact, they are tracking favorably against years when we attracted some of our largest new student classes. Since healthy enrollments continue to be the lifeline for all small, private schools like Hiram, all of us need to pull together to maximize the great work being done by our admissions counselors, coaches, and so many others. 

Along those lines, please spread the word—via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and regular, old-fashioned conversations with high school students, parents, former teachers or guidance counselors—about the exciting things that you are doing. It’s also helpful to let people know about the following initiatives that are gaining noticeable momentum:

1.  The three-year degree option. Starting this fall, new students can choose a 3-year pathway to a Hiram degree in 20 different programs. Students who opt in will take courses over the summer (at a discounted rate) and save one year’s worth of tuition dollars in the process. This is a great way for those who have the inclination, motivation, or an early start with College Credit Plus to jump start a career or graduate studies. See more details here.

2.  A growing Hiram Health initiative. This curricular and co-curricular program, which offers innovative and interdisciplinary courses that prepare students for all types of health careers while simultaneously fostering a culture of wellness across our campus, has just gotten stronger. As you should have heard by now, we have recently added two new majors to our Hiram Health repertoire:

  • Integrative Exercise Science – students can choose tracks leading to physical therapy, athletic training, sports management, or wellness and fitness.
  • Public Health – students will choose concentrations in areas ranging from epidemiology to community health. 

When combined with our strong science majors and our biomedical humanities major, these new programs will strengthen and add to the medical pathways we have already built. Speaking of those, all of us on campus must do a better job at promoting several key educational partnerships associated with Hiram Health:

In addition to our medical pipelines, we have other impressive partnerships as well:

If you need collateral materials or more information about any of these health programs, please contact Sandy Madar at madarsi@hiram.edu or x5261.

3.  Our emerging Tech and Trek program. News of our unique mobile technology program is spreading quickly. Already, Hiram was covered in the online publication Inside Higher Ed and The Center for Digital Education. In the next couple of weeks, we will be featured in one of the industry’s most broadly known blogs, Higher Education Today. Watch for it to come and push it out!

4.  The new men’s volleyball team. Coach Kyle Mars informs me that this recently added program has met with much excitement in high schools across the region. Already, he has spoken with 200 prospective recruits, and he is meeting with many more as the semester unfolds. If you know any young men for whom this would be an interest, please have them contact Coach Mars directly at marskh@hiram.edu or x5969.

5.  A new pep band program. After hearing for several years from band directors across the region, we have decided (just last week) to make an effort to re-establish a band program at Hiram College. Starting this fall, we will hire a part-time pep band director to see what level of interest exists at Hiram. If you are a current student interested in this exciting new opportunity, please contact Dean Haak at haakrd@hiram.edu or x5124. And, if you have friends in the area for whom this addition would be an enticement, by all means, spread the word.

There has never been a better time to be a Hiram Terrier. We have so many long-standing and new programs that are coming together to provide an outstanding undergraduate experience and excellent preparation for life and work. So, what we need from all of you is to spread the word, keep the positive momentum going, and encourage a prospective student to visit us—ideally before May 1st (National College Decision Day). I’d suggest that you invite your friends and acquaintances to visit Hiram on a day when we already have fun and informative things planned for prospects. Have them click on the “Visit” button on our main webpage to see what is in store.

Let’s all continue to spring forward! 

Your president,


Lori Varlotta