Hiram College

This week we feature Viola McCarty, development associate.

viWhat attracted you to Hiram?

I had attended many community meetings on the Hiram campus; I was always impressed with how friendly everyone was. I also was interested in working at an educational institution.

What are your responsibilities at Hiram?

We work with alumni and friends to raise money for the school. We encourage people to support Hiram in a number of ways, including scholarships and planned gifts.

What do you enjoy most about your current position at Hiram?

I enjoy working with my coworkers both in my office and campus-wide. I especially enjoy talking to students and watching their growth over their time here.

How would you describe Hiram students?

The nicest young men and women I have met. They’re always friendly and eager to help when they can.

How do you answer when asked what is distinctive about Hiram?

Hiram is one of the best educational institutions you will ever find, and I encourage everyone to check us out!

What is something others may be surprised to know about you?

I love time with my family, and as hobbies go, I scrapbook and do volunteer work.

If prospective parents ask why they should send their student to Hiram, how would you answer?

They should consider Hiram College because their student will be welcomed and treated well on campus and receive a first rate education.