Hiram College

This week, we feature Kim Mick, Director of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs. Continue to check back for more faculty and staff profiles.

kim-mick-headshotWhat attracted you to join the Hiram College community?

The people I interviewed with were genuine, caring, and they made me feel like I had a lot to contribute. I’d been raised to “follow your dreams,” and overseas travel had always been a dream of mine. How wonderful to be able to travel with faculty and students!

In your opinion, what is distinctive about Hiram College?

I have a passion for wanting to help students realize their dreams, and at Hiram we really do present opportunities to students that help develop them into responsible, educated and caring adults. Students aren’t just a number among thousands. Each one of them can make a difference.

What would you like people to know about you beyond your role here at the college?

I love a good auction, filled with antiques. Part of the fun is finding that one item that will go so well with everything else you have and even better, is learning the history of that item.

What is your favorite book and why?

I don’t have a favorite book because there’s always another great read just ahead, but when we had the “reading group” on campus, I enjoyed the in-depth discussions and the reading choices. It was like being in class, but we weren’t being graded!

How would you describe Hiram students?

Malleable. What a great opportunity for us to transform them!

What is your daily interaction with students?

Informing them about their study abroad choices: how, when, why and where! I inform them as soon as they attend their first orientation, through workshops, study abroad fairs, website, Facebook, emails and interest meetings.  Most students want to know how to finance their travels, so I spend many hours one-on-one discussing how important it is to plan early, meet with Financial Aid, discuss it with their parents and their advisers. I take their passport photos, assist with their visas, and drive them to the airport and back to campus. 

What do you enjoy about working at Hiram?

The opportunity to work and play with a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students. Hiram is a place where you can have an idea and run with it. I love that my work still excites me, makes me feel valued and makes a difference in people’s lives. Our campus is so beautiful, and so are the homes that double as classrooms and faculty offices. It makes me feel like part of an extended family.

Finish this thought:  People at Hiram might be surprised to know that I…

Used to work for businessman and philanthropist Al Weatherhead as an account specialist in charge of the customer service department (Weatherchem, Inc.), traveling across the U.S. selling plastic closures (lids).

What opportunities has Hiram offered you as a person?

A bachelor’s degree in communication, an opportunity to travel overseas and primarily an opportunity to meet and work with some really awesome people!

What is the most defining feature of Hiram’s study abroad program that makes it so special?

Our faculty! They put their hard work, their personalities and many hours into each and every study abroad program. I wish I could travel with each and every one of them.