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Every week, Hiram College News will profile one faculty member. Check back at the beginning of each week for the new profile.

This week, we feature Amber Chenoweth, assistant professor of psychology.

What made you choose to teach at Hiram College?

Hiram is very similar to the undergraduate institution that I attended; it is a little bit smaller, but the same feel. I knew I wanted to be at a place where my students have a good relationship with their instructors and (do) not feel like a number like you might feel like at a larger institution.

What would you tell prospective students about Hiram College?

I think it provides a very nice friendly atmosphere, especially for first generation students or students that are far from home; you can get a real sense of community from here. There are lots of opportunities to get involved whether you are an athlete or wanting to get involved with different clubs, and also if you are wanting to do any kind of research with professors. There are lots of opportunities to really tailor your Hiram experience to what you want it to be.

What is the quality of student and faculty relationships?

Being at a smaller school like Hiram you tend to have smaller class sizes; that really gives professors a chance to get to know their students. It does not take as much time to get to know everyone’s name and really develop more meaningful discussions by being about to interact at that slightly deeper level there. I know most professors, including myself, have an open door policy where students can feel free to stop by whenever they have any kind of question, whether it is class related or college-life related. I think there is a general feeling that professors care about the students and they want them to stop by.

How would you describe Hiram College students?

Compared to some of the other institutions where I have taught, Hiram students seem very motivated and they really appreciate a lot of the one-on-one attention that they can get here at a smaller school. They are not afraid to speak out if they have questions in a class. In general, they seem a bit more engaged in material. This isn’t to say that every student at Hiram is “above average,” but you do get a sense that students have chosen this small liberal arts atmosphere because it will challenge them to be a better student. You can tell that they are at a small liberal arts school because they like that type of atmosphere, that type of environment.

How would you describe your faculty colleagues?

I really enjoy the people that I work with. As a younger, newer faculty member, and with almost half of our faculty being pre-tenure, I have noticed the more senior faculty have been very supportive and helpful in transitioning us into this environment. I feel I can go to anybody for anything, any questions I might have, and really feel like I am able to develop friendships beyond the colleague relationship.

What are some of the typical career paths for student’s interested in majoring in psychology?

We have students go on to graduate school. Students will go into clinical and counseling work, become a special education teacher, social work, school psychology, law, advertising, sales, sports psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, as well as neuroscience-related fields. Also, there are a lot of interests in school or guidance counseling.

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