Jenelle Bayus

Recently, Hiram College celebrated its sophomore nursing students during the Nursing Uniform Convocation. Held annually, the ceremony recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of BSN students as they begin their clinical nursing sequence. It also celebrates each student’s commitment to serving others through a career in professional nursing. Students are presented in their nursing uniforms and share their pledges of commitment to the practice. 

For the first time, the ceremony was held virtually with over 80 guests in attendance from across the county.  

The following students were recognized during the ceremony:  

Addison Angerman
Miricle Blackman
Ashley Cameron
Gerardo Carrillo Ramirez 
Ashley Hennen
Kaela Hollrigel
Divine Iromuanya
Joy Ishekwene
Alexis Kaspar
Emily Kazimore
Monika Kepa
Lauryn Olguin
Abigail Ries
Jetaun Sallaz
Zachary Scalf Zach
Shawn Stacey
Samantha Thomas
Sarah Weintraub
Chloe Welch
Orsolya Zsurzsa  

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