Hiram College

Hundreds of Hiram College students gathered today to pack food for neighbors in need. Others traded their backpacks for shovels and rakes to beautify the campus, and still others reached out to the community — some to paint a local barn and others to spruce up a preschool playground. It’s Sugar Day at Hiram, a day students spent away from classes to focus on service, scholarship and reflection.

After a morning of service activities, students delivered research presentations, exhibitions and performances coordinated by Colin Anderson, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of philosophy, Sarah Smith, service coordinator, and others at points across campus. They also planted a tree on the grounds of historic Bonney Castle. This year’s Northern Red Oak planting addresses climate change and a thoughtfully determined spot for this tree to thrive amid climate forecasts. Denny Taylor, Ph.D., professor of biology, led students through an outdoor class discussion and tree planting.

Reflecting on the day’s events, junior Jimmy Cross says, “When you come to Hiram, you’re not just another student. You’re part of something bigger than yourself.”