Hiram College

Senior Paul Dickerson joined the ranks of other past creative writing majors, and was a fiction finalist at the 56th Annual Lex Allen Literary Festival at Hollins University.

His work, “Kiwi & the Perfect Cannonball,” was entered alongside works of students from Georgetown University, University of Penn

PaulDickersonsylvania and Stanford University. Dickerson’s story follows a high school student who works at a pool concession stand and deals with 12-year-olds who try to hustle him for his snacks. One of the youngsters spends the summer yearning to pull off the perfect cannonball and manages to do so despite all odds and obstacles.

“It’s my favorite story that I’ve written,” Dickerson said. “It’s fun and I’m on a mission to get it published one day.”

The festival featured talks and readings from three distinguished writers: Meghan Daum, Tom Drury and Ricardo Pau-Llosa. Daum’s works span from novels to memoirs to an opinion column for the Los Angeles Times. She currently teaches for the M.F.A. Writing Program at Columbia University. Drury has received recognition for his novels including being named one of GQ’s Best Books of the Last 45 Years to the Berlin Prize Fellowship. Pau-Llosa’s works have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and appeared in distinguished literary journals.

Win or lose, Hiram’s creative writing program helped Dickerson to distinguish himself among a creative and inspiring group of fellow writers.