Hiram College

staysaSenior Abby Staysa, of Columbia, Mo., is one of sixteen students nationwide accepted into the University of California, San Diego’s first annual Summer Workshop for Women in Philosophy.

Staysa is a double major in political science and philosophy. She applied for the workshop in hopes of exploring new topics in philosophy and to start thinking about graduate school programs. The workshop runs July 28-Aug. 8, 2014 at UCSD and explores two intensive courses: one on educational justice and another on personal identity and death. Staysa will also attend a series of workshops on topics ranging from techniques for writing philosophy papers to applying to graduate school.

Staysa is not yet sure of what she wants to do after Hiram, but she is certain her philosophy studies will leave her prepared.

“Broadly speaking, philosophy is not a discipline that prepares students for a specific career,” she said. “There are no ‘philosophers wanted’ adds in the job listings of the Sunday paper. However, I think my philosophy training has equipped me with certain skills, such as critical thinking, clear communication, and creative problem solving, which may help me in a specific job, but are also generally valuable and useful.

“Although I do not know what I want to do, I think the tools gained from studying philosophy will be valuable and useful in whatever it is I pursue.”

Staysa was the recipient of the President’s Achievement Award and the Peters Prize in Philosophy, two of Hiram’s highest honors, this past May. She is a Garfield Scholar, a member of the Alpha Society, a resident assistant and on the women’s cross country team.

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