Hiram College

Sarah Chase ’02 received the Special President’s Award on November 25, 2010, at the Women’s Food & Farming Union (WFU) annual meeting, held in the private chambers of Lady Byford in the House of Lords, Westminster. Chase is the first American to be recognized for the award, given on behalf of her efforts for women and farmers.

Chase, a native of Kent, Conn., is the head of PR & Marketing for RURAL TV in the United Kingdom. RURAL TV is the international brand for US-based RFD-TV.

At the ceremony, Helen Bower, president of the WFU, stated, “She’s from the ‘other’ Kent, but on behalf of the women of the WFU, we would like to recognize her exceptional contribution in forming the first-ever London branch of the WFU. She has demonstrated great enthusiasm and determination in helping to inform, educate and overcome the divide between rural and urban communities.”

Chase lives in London with her husband, William Watts.

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