Hiram College

What does it mean to know thyself? What does authenticity mean? How does understanding these concepts impact our lives?

Charles Guignon, Ph.D., professor emeritus at the University of South Florida, will present his research “Self-Knowledge and the Good Life in Hermeneutic Philosophy,” Friday, May 5, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the Alumni Heritage Room, Teachout Price.

Guignon’s research is influenced by Martin Heidegger who contributes to the utilization of hermeneutics, or the theory/method behind interpretation,  including philosophical texts. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to attend. The free event is open to the public.

“This is a general philosophy talk intended for intellectually curious persons,” explains Megan Altman, Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy.  “One need not to be a professional academic to … be engaged in the subject matter.”

For more details, contact Dr. Altman at altmanme@hiram.edu.