Hiram College

On Tuesday, March 26, 2008, Professor Nozar Alaomolki will chair a panel discussion on US-Iran Relations for the International Studies Association Annual Conference in San Francisco. On Friday, March 28, Alaomolki will present his paper “Struggle for Dominance in the Persian Gulf: Is Islamic Republic a Candidate?”

This paper addresses Iranian foreign policy. Alaomolki argues that the Iranian struggle for dominance in the Persian Gulf is not a new strategy, except the current attempt encompasses larger objectives. It not only conflicts with the United States’ regional goals, it also sets a collision course with United States regional policies. Since the establishment of Islamic Republic in Iran, many observers argued that the regime tried to “export Islamic Revolution” to other countries, but none of those speculations were realized. In the past three years, due to the development of the nuclear research sector, and the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and the support of Hizbullah, widespread discussions have permeated among academics, policy-makers, and military brass and others that Islamic Republic is planning to dominate the Persian Gulf if not the whole of the Middle East. Alaolmolki’s paper evaluates and analyzes the circumstances and conditions in Iran and regionally in order to answer such question.